Sleeper WWE NXT Prospects with Best Chances of Success

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 6, 2014

Bull Dempsey clamps down on Xavier Woods.
Bull Dempsey clamps down on Xavier Woods.Credit:

Physicality and athleticism separate WWE NXT's sleeper prospects from the rest of the field.

Bull Dempsey and Jason Jordan don't yet get the attention that Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville do, but it won't be too long before audiences are just as familiar with them. Their skill sets place them among the NXT talents who are set to sneak up on fans.

Count a big man from Queens, New York, and a Diva with international experience as members of that group as well.

Onscreen opportunities haven't come in abundance for them, Dempsey or Jordan just yet. Expect that to change.

These wrestlers are set to charge toward NXT's top tier.


Becky Lynch

Unlike many of her peers in the NXT Divas division, Lynch didn't come to Full Sail University by way of fitness modeling or dancing for sports teams. She's a wrestler and has been for years.

That shows in the smoothness of her ring work and the confidence she exudes.

As Rebecca Knox, she has wrestled in Japan and for Shimmer, where she teamed with Paige. She comes to NXT already well-versed in telling a story in the ring and capable of pulling off impressive springboard-offense moves, as seen in this promo video:

At NXT, she announced her presence with a standout showing against Charlotte on July 31.

She was fluid, electric and fun. Her aggression was similar to what fans see from Paige. She looked at home against the women's champ, signaling that WWE would do well to put these two in a feud together.

Once WWE finds the right balance of goofy and ass-kicker for her persona, Lynch will quickly ascend the division. Being ahead of most of her peers in terms of experience will help her do that.

The spring she's shown in her legs and the magnetism she shows off in the ring are useful tools as well.


Bull Dempsey

WWE has already found the right package for Dempsey. His look, his name and his entrance music all suit him well.

Presenting him as a throwback bruiser is smart too. His power and fierceness are his best in-ring traits. Fans saw a glimpse of that when he teamed with Mojo Rawley on the July 31 NXT.

The snarl he wore added to his mystique, as he pushed Scott Dawson around and eventually slammed Dash Wilder.

The 300-pounder has a good grasp on the nuances of the business. He's not just fighting out there but putting on a show. Even when he has an opponent in what is supposed to be a rest-hold, he looks to exude aggression.

In addition, he is going to make an impact on the mic.

Back when he was Smith "Big Game" James, he showed off a compelling presence in his interviews. Confidence and well-timed delivery powered his speeches.

One can see "it" factor begin to emerge here. In the few times Dempsey has been asked to talk at NXT, he's shown that he's built upon what he began creating during his indy days.

That makes him a valuable asset even if he doesn't have the ideal build. 


Jason Jordan 

Someone as athletic and handsome as Jordan is going to have every opportunity to succeed.

At 6'3'', 245 pounds, per, it's no surprise that he was a successful wrestler in college. That background is going to make his progress at NXT easier.  

He's quick, he moves well in the ring, and during his tag matches with Tye Dillinger, he had the more magnetic presence of the two.

His build and looks are highly marketable as well. He doesn't have elite charisma but is a likable guy who will get people's attention.

Jordan hasn't been a standout all-around performer in the ring yet. While he's plenty agile and powerful, he hasn't mastered the art of showmanship. Experience will certainly help him in that department.

Not having the experience on the indy circuit that other prospects do puts him at a disadvantage. All his physical gifts will help him compensate until he's been a pro wrestler for longer.


Colin Cassady

Even though Big Cass towers over his NXT peers, it's often his partner, Enzo Amore, people notice first.

Amore has created this shadow because he's an enthralling personality with rare comic timing. Cassady, though, isn't just a generic giant standing behind him. He has plenty of charm himself.

He's already found the right balance of playful and fierce, as seen in his interview alongside Amore from July.

In the ring, Cassady's size is a major plus. His profile lists him as 6'10'', 276 pounds. In an era where big men are rare, that's sure to get him extra attention from WWE officials.

He's no wooden performer like Giant Gonzalez either. Cassady moves well for his size, much like Kevin Nash before him.

It's clear that he is having fun in the ring, and that's infectious. Fans saw that on display when he pounded Bo Dallas' spine with forearms back in March.

Count on Cassady, like Dempsey, Lynch and Jordan, getting closer to title contention. They represent a group of prospects not getting the headlines that others are but possess the talent to change that before long.


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