Battle For The O: BCS Would Benefit From an Ohio State Vs. Oklahoma Bowl

Brian MitchellContributor IJuly 10, 2009

     Oklahoma and Ohio State have arguably two of college football's largest fan bases. The last few years of the BCS have been unkind to both Oklahoma and Ohio State. Both programs have suffered losses in consecutive years with the BCS system in place.

     The Oklahoma Sooners are losers of 5 straight bowl games while Ohio State has dropped the last 3. Both teams have much to play for. The Big Ten has been called out as a weak conference in recent years and Ohio State is out to set the record straight. The Big 12 has suffered criticism as the conference that does not play defense which in turn, helps that "so-called" high powered offenses of Oklahoma.

     Critics of the BCS say that Oklahoma and Ohio State are overated and that there should be a playoff to see who is truly the nation's top team.There will be no playoff anytime soon so that argument is not in the picture. However, I think the BCS and the college football world have much to gain by an Ohio State vs. Oklahoma bowl game. Why not? Somebody has to win. Ohio State nearly defeated Texas last season in the Fiesta Bowl. Oklahoma boasts one of the top scoring offenses ever in football.

     Imagine the Heisman-winner Sam Bradford slinging accurate passes vs. the kid-phenom Terrelle Pryor and his deceptive juke moves. Also, two of college football's finest coaches in Bob Stoops and Jim Tressel playing a chess match to the death. Furthermore, picture all the revenue that this matchup would generate and all the hype surrounding it. Winner takes all the bragging rights and restores a good name to its program and conference. Loser takes the lumps again and suffers the negative media blitz.

      The stage is set for a showdown for both programs in the 2009-2010 season whether it is the BCS national championship or the Fiesta Bowl. It seems that anytime two programs of this caliber meet under desperate circumstances to win a game, look out. This would be a game to behold.