Dean Ambrose's Stipulation Will Lead to Underwhelming Match vs. Seth Rollins

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2014


SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoliers from the SmackDown tapings held on Tuesday, August 5.

As good as Dean Ambrose's feud against Seth Rollins has been, it runs the risk of becoming the forgotten match at SummerSlam.

Their match is currently slated on the same card as the Stephanie McMahon-Brie Bella showdown that has closed Raw the past two weeks, as well as a Brock Lesnar-John Cena match being promoted as the biggest fight of the summer.

Even Paige and AJ were involved in a major angle on SmackDown that saw the Divas champion stretchered to a hospital.

Bottom line, Ambrose and Rollins will be facing stiff competition at SummerSlam. On a stacked card, the ceiling for their match is "stealing the show."

Currently flirting with main event status, stealing the show is somewhat of a backhanded compliment to these promising young talents. But after Ambrose earned an opportunity to name the stipulation for their match at SummerSlam, the feud remained interesting.

At Tuesday's SmackDown tapings, the Dean Ambrose character had the opportunity to further the momentum of his ongoing war with Rollins. Unfortunately, he underwhelmed by choosing a Lumberjack match.

The Money in the Bank briefcase is the centerpiece of the Rollins-Ambrose feud. If Ambrose's intent is to prevent Rollins from cashing in, shouldn't it have been a no-brainer that Ambrose select a stipulation where the Money in the Bank contract is on the line?

Instead, he opted for a Lumberjack match, where Rollins will be unable to escape after doing just that at Battleground. While this makes sense, the stipulation comes off as a halfhearted solution to an obvious dilemma. As a result, the match itself could suffer.

With so much emotion set to be poured into so many feuds, the Rollins-Ambrose Lumberjack match is a candidate to elicit a subdued response.

Involving several WWE Superstars around the ring will distract from the one-on-one showdown that WWE has teased for multiple months.

Even without the briefcase, a stipulation involving a steel cage, barbed wire or a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire would have been a more popular option—one in line with Ambrose's promises to rearrange Rollins' face.

Last month, the inherent promise of a Rollins-Ambrose match at Battleground was compromised following a pull-apart brawl. With WWE Superstars serving as the backdrop to their latest announced match, it's hard to believe we won't see more of the same.