WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from August 5

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2014

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Welcome to Bleacher Report's recap of this week's Main Event. Here is where we take a look at what happened on the show, examining the winners, reactions to matches and any possible ramifications coming out of the program.

This week's show was comprised of a trio of matches, all of which had very strange booking decisions. Babyfaces were facing other babyfaces, and we saw a few people switch their heel/face roles for the evening.

Despite the strange decisions, it was a decent show. Both undercard bouts had some entertainment value, and the main event lived up to previous matches we have seen from the two involved.

Let's take a look at what went down on this week's Main Event.


Slater and The Gator vs. GoldStar

Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil were in the ring before the match, with Slater delivering a promo that seemed to get the crowd behind him.

The match that followed didn't last that long, but it had a quick pace, and all four men got in a little ring time before the final bell.

It looked as though the returning Rhodes Brothers would pick up an easy win here, but it ended up being Slater who pinned Goldust to end the match.

This could be the start of a short-term feud that ends with Goldust and Stardust going over the odd couple pairing of Slater and O'Neil.

Winners: Slater and the Gator

Grade: C+

Notes and Highlights

  • Slater showing his victory over Seth Rollins before the match was great. Slater's enthusiasm is infectious.
  • The power Titus O'Neil possesses is always impressive. He makes tossing a 230-pound man look like it's nothing.
  • Goldust was a bit more vocal during the match than he typically is.
  • It would be awesome if this was the start of a winning streak for Slater. The guy has put up with so much crap over the years that he deserves some time in the spotlight.

Twitter Reaction


Summer Rae vs. AJ Lee

This second strange booking decision of the night came during this match. Both of these women are basically babyfaces, so having them face off is a bit odd.

However, once Summer saw AJ still suffering from the effects of her injury at the hands of Paige, she went right after AJ's neck. Kind of a heelish move.

That didn't stop AJ from locking in the Black Widow and picking up the win in about two minutes. Tom Philips interviewed AJ after the match about her upcoming title defense against Paige.

Paige skipped her way out to the stage to mock AJ by insisting they are still friends. It was basically the same thing we have seen from Paige since AJ returned.

Winner: AJ

Grade: C-

Notes and Highlights

  • It took me a little while to like Summer Rae, but now I can't help but smile every time she comes to the ring.
  • It's curious that Layla didn't come out with Summer. That could have been so the pair didn't get a face reaction against AJ.
  • It's hard to tell if Paige is trying to play mind games with AJ or if she is supposed to actually be obsessed with her. It could go either way.

Twitter Reaction


Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Alberto Del Rio came out at the top of the show and delivered a promo in Spanish that seemed to get a babyface reaction from the Texas crowd. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came out next, and that is where things got weird.

Colter gave what came across as a heel promo even though he mentioned the feud with Rusev. It almost seems like WWE switched their roles just because they were close to the Mexico border.

Del Rio controlled most of the match, focusing on the taped-up ribs of Swagger. These two have had countless battles on pay-per-views, TV and house shows, so they know each other very well.

The most surprising thing wasn't that Swagger won, but that he won by making Del Rio tap out. It's hard to recall the last time Del Rio submitted in a match, but it's been a long time, if ever.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Grade: B

Notes and Highlights

  • Del Rio brought the Mexican flag to the ring with him, which makes sense due to the fact that they are in Texas, which has a heavy Spanish population.
  • I do not get the logic in this booking. They have Del Rio come out and give a babyface promo and then Colter come out and give a heel promo. Swagger is supposed to be a face, isn't he?
  • There were a few 9.99 signs in the crowd. I would be shocked if Triple H didn't get a 9.99 chant the next time he appeared on TV.
  • This was a good, physical match. The two counters Swagger used to lock in the Patriot Lock were very impressive

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What did you think of the show this week?


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