German GP: Sebastian Vettel in The Wets

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German GP: Sebastian Vettel in The Wets
(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

I know it's the German GP, and with five native drivers, everyone is looking at them with awe and how would they perform. Some expected questions like, "Will they match a certain German named Micheal Schumacher," who too had the power to get things done on the track.

For once, Button must thank the gods. He is not under pressure to perform, though not logically. Never the less the press and forums this weekend has concentrated on the five home grown talents and especially the challenger from Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel.

In all this, the weather man forecasts rain and light showers for sure as on date, which must be happy news for Vettel and Red Bull. There is this sense of expectation because Nurburgring is his home circuit—literally, unless of course he is hijacked by home grown expectations in his mind. To me, he is a little matured on that count though he did stray a little too wide giving his pole position to Jenson Button on a platter at Turkey. Hopefully we expect he does not repeat it this time.

There is a likely hood of rain and already Bridgestone has come prepared on super soft and medium tyres. The race will also be decided on nature's terms with a rain or showers during qualifying, so we can see a different grid altogether.

All the expectations from German drivers apart, there are two German Teams in fray, the BMW and the Toyota. This year has been a little too unlucky for BMW, though Toyota holds a little promise to be competitive.

Will this be an opportunity for BMW to redeem its lost place in the run up to the Championship? With half the season behind us, it would be interesting to see if any one could actually alter the course of championship.

I can hear the chant of "Vettel, Vettel," already. The other German compatriots are also geared up to make it happen.

I think there is more fun on track this weekend than that is happening off it.

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