Wayne Rooney's Miami Strike and the 10 Strangest Disallowed Goals in Football

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2014

Wayne Rooney's Miami Strike and the 10 Strangest Disallowed Goals in Football

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    Wayne Rooney scored in Manchester United's friendly victory over Liverpool in Miami on Monday night, and the striker looked to have doubled his tally when he volleyed in a wayward Ashley Young cross that appeared to rebound off the crossbar.

    However, replays suggest Rooney's effort actually went out of play and bounced back onto the field after hitting the stanchion. 

    Roo's rued chance leads our list of 10 of the most weird, wonderful and potentially unjust disallowed goals from football history... 

Gonzalo Bazan (Independiente Rivadavia) vs. Patronato, 2011

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    Gonzalo Bazán hit a long-range bobby dazzler while representing Independiente Rivadavia in a 2011 clash with Patronato.

    The ball hit the bar and deflected off the keeper into the goal but then bounced against a poll holding up the net and rolled out.

    Despite plenty of protests, this was enough to fool the officials into believing the ball never crossed the line. 

George Best (Northern Ireland) vs. England, 1971

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    George Best never quite lived up to his fearsome domestic reputation when representing Northern Ireland, and his greatest international "goal" was never actually given.

    During a meeting with England at Windsor Park in Belfast in 1971, Gordon Banks released the ball to send it downfield, but Best intercepted it in the air and beat the goalkeeper back to the net to head it in.

    Evidently, referee Alastair Mackenzie felt that the former World Player of the Year's poached effort was a foul.  

Thierry Henry (Arsenal) vs. Blackburn, 2003

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    During a trip to Ewood Park in 2003, Thierry Henry pulled off a similar move to Best, stealing the ball from Brad Friedel as he released it to take a kick. 

    Despite having been released from his grasp, the ball was deemed to be in Friedel's control when the Frenchman seized his opportunity. 

    Depending on your interpretation of the rules, the legitimacy of this kind of goal can be debated until the cows come home. Regardless of your opinion, it's not something you see everyday. 

Clive Allen (Crystal Palace) vs. Coventry, 1980

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    During a visit to Coventry in 1980, Crystal Palace forward Clive Allen took a free kick and proceeded to blast a powerful shot into the top-right corner. 

    However, Allen's attempt struck the inside of the stanchion and bounced straight out, leading the referee and linesman to believe it hit the woodwork.

    The disallowed goal became a point of contention as the Eagles ended up losing the game 3-1. 

Pedro Mendes (Tottenham) vs. Manchester United, 2005

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    There have been plenty of bizarre "ghost goals" over the years, but one of the most controversial in English football came in the 2005 Premier League clash between Tottenham and Manchester United. 

    Portuguese midfielder Pedro Mendes saw Red Devils keeper Roy Carroll off his line and took a speculative shot from 50 yards.

    Carroll made a hash of the situation and ended up spilling the ball at least a yard over his own line. The officials, however, believed the ball remained in play, and a last-minute match-winning goal was denied. 

Frank Lampard (England) vs. Germany, 2010

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    England's 2010 World Cup exit at the hands of the Germans won't be remembered too fondly by Three Lions fans, but a disallowed goal did help usher in the implementation of goal-line technology. 

    Frank Lampard beat Manuel Neuer from distance with what would have been an equaliser, but no goal was given. Replays suggested the strike went at least a yard over the line.

    To make matters worse for Lampard, he hit the bar once again in the second half with a free kick. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) vs. Spain, 2010

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    Cristiano Ronaldo makes quite a habit of scoring goals, so odds are that he's going to get some of them ruled out. 

    In a 2010 friendly between Portugal and Spain, the Real Madrid superstar appeared to be on the verge of scoring one of the greatest goals of his career—right up until Nani put his head on it and it was ruled out for offside.

    Without Nani's touch, it looked like the sublime effort would have gone in anyway. 

    The Manchester United winger apologised for his part in getting the goal disallowed, but Ronaldo was still incensed. "Even a blind man could see it was a goal," he said afterwards (via The Telegraph)

    Surely Ronaldo felt a quantum of solace when his Portugal side emerged 4-0 winners against the world champions. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) vs. Chelsea, 2009

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    In their Premier League bout with Chelsea at Old Trafford in 2009, Manchester United were a little too clever for their own good during one of their set piece routines.

    The Blues were under the impression that Ryan Giggs was slowly walking to take a corner, but Wayne Rooney had already played a very short one without many people noticing. Giggs proceeded to charge off with the ball and place a cross on Ronaldo's head, but Howard Webb had already blown his whistle, sensing some shenanigans.

    Technically, there wasn't anything wrong with the goal, but United did actually score off the retaken corner kick and won the game 3-0. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) vs. Azerbaijan, 2011

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    Let's see one more from the Cristiano Disallowed Collection, shall we? 

    During a Euro 2008 qualifier against Azerbaijan, Ronaldo scored a brilliant overhead kick, after a (legitimate) shoulder assist from Deco.

    Replays show the ball quite clearly crossed the line, but referee Mark Halsey prevented the Real Madrid man from earning his hat-trick by ruling it out. 

Peter Odemwingie (West Brom) vs. Aston Villa, 2013

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    Peter Odemwingie appears to have about as much luck with disallowed goals as he does with deadline-day transfers to Queens Park Rangers.

    While at West Brom in the 2012-13 season, the Nigeria national team forward scored an excellent goal from inside his own half. It would have been the match-winner against the Baggies' fierce Midlands rivals, but sadly the referee had blown his whistle moments before he struck the ball. 

    It's not known if goalkeeper Brad Guzan would have reached the ball if the referee had not blown up, but it was certainly a bizarre end to the game. 


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