The Sad Story Of Lenny Cooke

matt maldoContributor IJuly 9, 2009

Okay the news of Lebron James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford got me thinking of another high school star who got dunked on, and didn't fair so well afterwards.His name is Lenny Cooke and he was supposed to be the next legendary player to come out of New York.I mean the guy was said to have tremendous potential, but sadly most people remember him for getting dunked on by LeBron James.This guy is a cautionary tale to players to not go into the league before they aren't ready. For every Kobe, Lebron, and kevin Garnett, there are alot more Darius Miles and Kwame Browns who were really bad. So what happens after that is the people who are on your dick thinking that your gonna be a star just abandon you and leave you on your own.Cooke's story is what's wrong with sports today because kids are hyped up so much that they themselves fall victim to the hype and think they're surely going to be a star instead of working on their academics.I mean there are so many players who are told how great they are gonna be so they stop working and fall flat on their face.His story is a lesson to all other players that no matter how good you are it can all come crumbling down, it's just sad it had to happen to him.