WWE 2K15: 1st Screen Shot and Details on Story and My Career Modes Revealed

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 4, 2014

image provided by 2K Sports

The first screen shot of the upcoming WWE 2K15 has been released, and it looks pretty impressive. The cover athlete, John Cena, is shown staring at his longtime rival, Randy Orton, but only a portion of The Viper's left arm and posterior can be seen in the featured screenshot.

Cena introduced the image to the WWE Universe via Twitter.

Gamers who have had the opportunity to play next-generation games had some idea of what to expect from the visuals, but even PS4 and Xbox One veterans have to be a little impressed with the detail and clarity.

If you look beyond Cena and Orton, the portion of the Monday Night Raw stage looks just as awesome as the wrestler renderings. 

As cool as this screen shot looks, real gamers know this is just one piece of the puzzle. The gameplay, online servers, audio and options have to be tight so that the visuals can be thoroughly enjoyed and fully appreciated.

While we didn't get any information on gameplay, we did learn some details on two game modes and presentation. 

Per Vince Ingenito of IGN, WWE 2K15 will feature a story mode and 2K's ever-popular My Career mode.


2K Showcase

The story mode is called 2K Showcase. The mode will be separated into two episodes, each focusing on a classic rivalry in WWE history.

Ingenito says, "Think of them as mini-documentaries of a sort. Could it be Rock vs Austin? Undertaker vs Kane?"

There are mounds of feuds to chose from with this concept, and there's a lot of room to grow as well. The 2K Showcase could expand in future versions of the game to include more than two rivalries and explore different and new feuds.

There's even a chance that more rivalries could be made available via downloadable content for WWE 2K15. There's been no announcement suggesting that as of yet, but it certainly seems feasible.


My Career

Finally...the My Career mode has landed with the franchise that has always seemed to be the best fit for it. My Career has become a major staple for the popular NBA 2K series because it allows gamers to create their own player and take him through an entire career.

Sure, there are games to play, but the series took the next step when off-the-court events added personality to the experience. Imagine that concept in a wrestling title.

There's no need to wish for it any longer; My Career is officially a part of the WWE 2K package. There weren't a ton of details available, but Ingenito did say that motion capturing and voice recordings were done with real WWE Superstars, and the process took 50 days.

NBA 2K14 featured a lot of interaction with your player and teammates, but there was little to no real voices used when the other players interacted your guy. 

That doesn't appear to be the case with WWE 2K15 or for the upcoming NBA 2K15. There's been a number of tweets circulating from 2K and NBA players that show guys like the Cleveland Cavaliers' Dion Waiters in studio recording their real voices.

Assuming the same type of thing has happened with WWE 2K15, we're in for a treat. Unfortunately, My Career will only be available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers. 


Improving the Commentary

If I can be serious for a minute...the commentary for WWE games has been horrendous for years. So it's good to see that aspect of the game is also getting an overhaul for WWE 2K15.

Per the WWE 2K15 Facebook page, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole have spent a good amount of hours recording audio together.

This helps to make the commentary sound authentic and like a real conversation or broadcast. This method of handling in-game audio is the reason the NBA 2K series excels from an audio standpoint year after year.

The process is called stitching, and the guys at 2K Sports have mastered it as well as any major developer of sports titles.


Looking Ahead

The roster reveal is coming during SummerSlam weekend, and yours truly will be in Los Angeles for the unveiling and the Confidential Panels with Hulk Hogan and others.

WWE 2K15 releases on Oct. 28 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Follow me on Twitter for live updates, and check Bleacher Report for the latest updates.



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