Best Ways to Improve Chris Jericho's Feud with Bray Wyatt

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 4, 2014


While I am a big fan of both men, even I have to admit that the current Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho feud is rather disappointing.

The promos have been fine, but nothing special. Sadly, Wyatt no longer exudes the sense of menace he used to and Jericho just seems to be going through the motions. Their dull match at Battleground was also hampered by an anti-climactic finish. (Jericho hit the Codebreaker out of nowhere for the pin.)

Overall, the booking has been rather average. It's like the writers see the feud as time-filler on Raw and SmackDown and little else.

Jericho vs. Wyatt may have looked like a good idea on paper, but it just hasn't panned out. Is anyone truly getting into this program?


Thankfully, though, there's still time for WWE's creative team to turn things around. As announced on last week's Raw, the two wrestlers will clash at SummerSlam.

So how can the writers revive interest in the program prior to the pay-per-view?

First of all, it's time to let both men loose on the mic. Oh, they've both been given a decent amount of promo time, but their work feels oddly flat.

As his phenomenal 2008 feud with Shawn Michaels proved, Jericho can cut some of the most passionate—and scathing—promos in the industry. Why hasn't he been allowed to demonstrate real anger and outrage at Wyatt's antics?

And why isn't Vince McMahon letting the former WWE champion cut the long and captivating promos that made him famous? It's not that WWE doesn't have the air-time—it has three hours to fill on Raw, after all.


(And I'd personally rather hear Jericho vent than watch another one of The Authority's backstage fights or have to sit through more of the Fandango/Summer Rae/Layla nonsense.)

The company sending out Jericho on Monday's Raw to taunt Stephanie McMahon over her arrest the previous week with some bad jokes was also a major misuse of his talents.

If this feud with Wyatt is to get over, he needs to get serious—and fast.

And while Wyatt has shown glimpses of greatness, his work recently seems somewhat repetitive. His habit of talking in riddles and making cryptic references has simply lost its allure.


It might be time for WWE to give the former NXT star some better and richer material. Wyatt probably needs to drop the vagueness and become a more solid and grounded character in the next few weeks if people are going to get hyped for the SummerSlam clash.

And as for the SummerSlam match? That may need a special stipulation or some sort of gimmick to make it more compelling and appealing.

OK, so Jericho managed to defeat Erick Rowan on Thursday's SmackDown, thus ensuring the giant won't be allowed to accompany Wyatt at ringside at the pay-per-view. But is that really going to get people interested?


Perhaps you could add a cage or a No Holds Barred stipulation to the proceedings. Or make it a Last Man Standing bout. (Although this might feel repetitive after Wyatt fought Cena in the same type of match at June's Payback show.)

Regardless, WWE as to do something to make this bout feel more special and stand out on an already packed card—at the moment it feels like just another match. Certainly, if the bookers truly want to sell this as a personal feud filled with real hatred and animosity, they have to add something special.  

Following Wyatt's patchy and damaging feud with Cena, I'd hoped a program with Jericho would turn things around for the former NXT star. That hasn't happened—yet, anyway.

But WWE could change all that. It just has to put more effort into the booking and give both guys a chance to show off what they can truly do.