Tampa Bay Rays Go Formal for Trip to Oakland

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 4, 2014


You can pout over a bad day, or you can throw on a top hat and make the best of it.

After shipping prized lefty David Price to Detroit, the Tampa Bay Rays are trying to lighten the mood in the clubhouse by going with a formal wear theme for their trip to Oakland this week.

Fox Sports' Andrew Astleford spotted pictures of the players in suits, ties and tuxedo T-shirts. The team is calling its 10-game road excursion the "James Bond Formal Trip."

Dumb & Dumber attire was not discouraged, however.

Joe Maddon, the mad scientist behind all of the Rays' weird field trips, also dressed up for the occasion.

Camouflage is also considered Bond-esque, apparently.

The winner for "Best Dressed" would have to be Ben and Julianna Zobrist. They were a monocle short of being heroes.

The team gathered on the runway Sunday for one last picture before departure.

Style is an attitude, everyone. The Rays might be heading into a buzz saw in Oakland, but they're not lacking confidence.

They might lose, but the Rays will go down in style.


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