5 Bold Predictions for Didier Drogba's 2nd Spell at Chelsea

Rowanne Westhenry@@agirlintheshedFeatured ColumnistAugust 4, 2014

5 Bold Predictions for Didier Drogba's 2nd Spell at Chelsea

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    Didier Drogba made his first appearance since rejoining Chelsea against Werder Bremen in pre-season. He seemed to be suffering from a lack of match sharpness, but that has not stopped Blues supporters from getting very excited about his return.

    Having scored 157 goals during his eight-year stint at Stamford Bridge, including the winning penalty on that memorable night in Munich, Drogba will have some heavy expectations on his shoulders. However, he has shown time and again that he is more than capable of exceeding even the greatest expectations.

    Click through for some bold predictions of what the Drog will do for Chelsea the second time around. 

1. He Will Score at Wembley

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    Drogba’s first spell at Chelsea was defined by his love of scoring at Wembley. Every appearance he made at the home of English football produced at least one goal. He even joked about it ahead of the 2012 FA Cup final, as per Sky Sports:

    Maybe Wembley is my lucky stadium. I do, though, try everything to score. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    I feel comfortable on that pitch. When I decided I wanted to play football, when I was young, I wanted to play in big stadiums like Wembley. Maybe that's one of the reasons. I hope this game is not my last match there.

    While he is a few years older and likely to play significantly fewer minutes, if his team-mates can get him there, he will score. 

2. He Will Score Against Arsenal

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    Drogba loved scoring against Arsenal almost as much as he loved scoring at Wembley.

    Per Stuart Fraser of the Daily Mail, he netted 15 times against them in 15 appearances, including one while playing for Galatasaray.

    Mourinho will surely give him a run out against Chelsea’s arch-rivals again.

    After last season’s 6-0 thrashing at Stamford Bridge, don’t be surprised if the Gunners centre-halves have sleepless nights over the Drog. 

3. He Will Score Twice as Many Goals as Fernando Torres

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    As it stands at the moment, Drogba will be the third-choice striker next season behind Diego Costa and Fernando Torres.

    When he gets opportunities to play, they are likely to come from the bench, but it is still a safe bet that he will comfortably outscore Chelsea's £50 million man.

    Especially if Torres carries on like this

4. He Will Get Himself Sent off

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    Much of the focus has been on what qualities Drogba will bring to the forward position at Chelsea, with little attention paid to his disciplinary record.

    While he has matured significantly from the time that he was sent off for slapping Nemanja Vidic in the 2008 Champions League final, his passion for the game saw him pick up four yellow cards in 24 matches for Galatasaray, as per WhoScored.com.

    Premier League referees are likely to be tougher on the Drog, and he could find himself suspended for a few games. 

5. He Will Score the Goal That Wins a Trophy

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    Many of Drogba’s goals came at crucial points in campaigns and cup finals, most notably the equaliser and shootout-winning penalty in Chelsea's historic 2012 Champions League final victory in Munich.

    His ability to ramp up his performance on the biggest stages is one aspect of his game that age will not have affected, and he is likely to have a significant impact on Chelsea’s trophy chances next season.

    As he said to the official Chelsea website: “I’m not coming here to break records, I just want to win trophies. Five years is a long time not to win the Premier League, so I want to win it.”

    If the title race is as tight as it was last year, Drogba will be the difference that the Blues were lacking in the previous campaign.