A Little Love For The Zebras

Nicholas DomingueContributor IJuly 9, 2009

     Football Referees tend to live on a roller coaster when it comes to the perception of fans. At one point, a fan may curse the refs with a barrage of four-letter words and argue the call to the point of exhaustion. A few plays later and... voila! The refs are getting praise from the same fan, saying how accurate the call was.

     We all have been that fan... because the referees can determine so much in a game. For example, let's say you are a Saints fan, like myself. The Saints have a crucial 3rd and 10 that they need to convert. Brees throws to Colston, but the pass falls incomplete! Wait, hold on! Pass interference on the cornerback on the opposing team! We are lovin the refs man! Bring on that first down!

       Now, twist it to the other end of the spectrum, and let's say the Saints were on defense and the exact same thing happened. Man, talk about some angry fans!

       So today, my main point of this article is showing the refs some appreciation for what they do. In my opinion, when you are trying to look at every detail of the game in the midst of moving blurs, some of which weigh 300 pounds or more, it's a pretty difficult task. No one ref is perfect, although we would like them to be. As fans, we think that making the right call can be so easy, but is that really the case?

       One of the local sports-casters in my area has repeatedly stated that the refs are a HUGE factor in determining the outcome of a game and I agree totally. It's the refs' job to accurately call a game, but so many factors go into making the job a very difficult one for them.

         In closing, the next time the ref makes a call against your team, go ahead, vent a little, but remember, the zebras are just trying to make it in a world full of lions :)