Tony Parker and Axelle Francine Wedding: Latest Reports, Location and More

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Tony Parker and Axelle Francine Wedding: Latest Reports, Location and More
Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

It's been a good summer for Tony Parker.

In June, he became an NBA champion for the fourth time. On Friday, he signed a three-year, $43.3 million extension with the San Antonio Spurs. Finally, on Saturday he married Axelle Francine in San Antonio, Texas.

And you thought your summer vacation to the beach was pretty solid. Nicole Sands of People has more on the wedding:

The pair kicked off the festivities with a pre-wedding reception at the Cowboy Dancehall in San Antonio on Thursday, where they were joined by close friends and family, some of whom had flown in from France for the nuptials. 

'It was just a little gathering,' an employee at the Cowboy Dancehall tells PEOPLE, adding that the groom sipped cocktails and danced. 'He wanted to show them a Texas country good time.'

Parker, 32, has never really been a free agent. In one sense, he and Francine have been dating since 2011, the same year Parker and ex-wife Eva Longoria were officially divorced. In the other sense, the Spurs literally haven't let him hit the open market, according to Marc Stein of ESPN:

And that's just the way Parker seems to like it:

Parker has let fewer details slip about his wedding, which appears to have been a fairly private affair, as the ceremony itself remains shrouded in mystery. Of course, you can't blame a couple for wanting to keep their private life, well, private.    

David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Parker will be hoping his marriage to Francine is as fruitful as his 13-year marriage with the Spurs. Along with his four titles in San Antonio, he's a six-time All-Star, was the 2006-07 NBA Finals MVP and has made second-team All-NBA three seasons in a row. 

All he's done over the course of his career is average a tidy 17.1 points and 6.0 assists per game. With a few more successful seasons under his belt, Parker seems a virtual lock to be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. 

And all he's done in the past five months is become a father (he and Francine had their first child, Josh, in April), win an NBA title, get married and sign a huge contract extension. Suffice to say, everything is coming up roses for Parker these days.

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