The Company Is All Right Part 1: Women's Division

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The Company Is All Right Part 1: Women's Division

In the past couple of months, I have been reading many articles on Bleacher Report that says that WWE sucks. After reading these articles, I have had enough of it.

I was going to speak up what was on my mind. I will be doing a five part series on this.    

Many people have lately been complaining about the women's division. They say that they are being misused, that their matches are too short, that there is no talent here. They are wrong.

Sure I hated Beth Phoenix being stuck in the Santino feud as the next guy but please, people. Sometimes, i think that the women's rivalries have been more exciting than the men's are.

I mean Maryse trying to hide from Mickie James, it fits both women's personality perfectly. When those two divas meet at Night Of Champions, it truly will possibly steal the show. 

Alicia Fox stealing a victory for Michelle McCool wasn't the most creative thing they could do, but at least it was a priceless moment.

If we are lucky, we can start seeing Beth Phoenix back in the title hunt again and have her return to respectability.

However, I do agree that their matches are too short, though, but sometimes there is a squeeze for time and they had to cut it somewhere. Also, it usually drives the point home. And maybe, a quick rollup is all they need.

I think that the WWE is supplied with the greatest divas since the late 90's. Michelle McCool has blossomed into the star I knew she could be. Beth Phoenix would be the strongest diva of all time if it wasn't for Chyna.

Maryse is more interesting at the announce table than the announcers (Watch Raw, you'll understand.)  Mickie James is perhaps the greatest women's competitor of all time (There is an argument for Trish Stratus and Lita. I will do an article on this later however.).  

After reading this article, I hope you have gained a new respect for the divas.    

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