TNA X Division Xtravaganza 2014 Results: Winners and Twitter Reaction

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2014


The past, present and future of the X-Division collided on TNA's 2014 X Division Xtravaganza pay-per view Friday night. 

A critical event in TNA’s One Night Only series, the spectacle at the Impact Wrestling Zone, Orlando, Florida, put on a show for the ages as stars of the future stole the spotlight—and even clashed with those no longer with the company.

Considering the event was taped in April, some hiccups were bound to occur as the company undergoes changes, but the impressive card was built to last and did just that once unleashed on the general public.

Here is a look at how it all went down, with a focus on the top matches of the night.


Full Results

Low Ki defeated Chris SabinSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
Rashad Cameron defeated DJ ZSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
Kenny King defeated RubixSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
Ace Vedder defeated ManikSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
Sonjay Dutt defeated Rockstar SpudSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
Tigre Uno defeated Petey WilliamsSingles match to qualify for the Ultimate X match later that night.
The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) defeated Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)EC3 Invitational Ladder match where the winner receives $25,000.
Sanada (c) defeated Austin Aries 2–0Two out of three falls match for the TNA X Division Championship
Low Ki defeated Rashad Cameron, Kenny King, Ace Vedder, Sonjay Dutt and Tigre UnoUltimate X match for a future shot at the TNA X Division Championship


The Wolves Overcome Bad Influence

The Ethan Carter Invitational Ladder Match put $25,000 on the line, and some of the most storied names in the history of the X-Division were happy to oblige.

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) was of particular intrigue for the fans in this match considering they are no longer with the company. With a combined nine titles, the two brought plenty of prestige and quality in-ring work to a familiar environment—the ladder match.

The Wolves proved game, though, and wound up notching the win after some high-flying antics. Considering Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are defending tag team champs, they were able to counter anything thrown their way en route to the victory.

That includes ECIII balking on his financial commitment, which wound up as most could have guessed—The Wolves got their check.

In short, the match that essentially justified the financial commitment from fans more than lived up to the hype.


Sanada Sweeps Austin Aries

The mind games did not work.

Austin Aries, a veteran who has held the X-Division strap a number of times, once again fell at the hands of Sanada.

But this time, he was swept 2-0 to add insult to injury.

Thanks to the technical prowess of both men, the match lived up to its title billing as both were able to work in plenty of offense, but as the end result shows, Sanada was able to overcome the odds and keep a firm grip on his belt.

For Sanada, the writing is on the wall in that his place in the company is assured as he continues to etch together a strong run. Helping to headline a pay-per-view only reinforces that notion.


Low Ki Steals the Show

As if the two-time X-Division champ did not steal enough of the spotlight to open the show—he moved past Chris Sabin in the qualifiers match—Low Ki went on to get the best of six men in the Ultimate X match to get a shot at the X Division Championship at some point in the future.

Always the underdog, Low Ki was able to move past a field that included Sonjay and Kenny King for the eventual shot at the strap. The reaction amongst fans was ecstatic:

The acrobatic antics above the ring from all involved made for another memorable, one-of-a-kind event:

It was an entertaining bout, to say the least. Each participant paced the match accordingly and seemed to have the best interests of the electric crowd in mind, which translated well for viewers at home.

When it was all said and done, Low Ki personifies one portion of the company's future, and if his in-ring work on display Friday is any indication, TNA is in good hands as the X Division continues to thrill.


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