Will Mats Sundin Come Back to Toronto or Retire??

Shane HouseAnalyst IMay 5, 2008

What to say about Mats Sundin. Well he is the all-time leading scorer of the Toronto Maple Leafs. AND he is the favourite player of a legion of Leafs fans. But will all of this make him come back. I am sad to say I don't think so.


I mean first off lets go back to exactly this point last year. He had just signed  a one-year contract with a no-trade clause and everybody was wondering why he did it. The one year. haha and it took all year for everyone to figure it out and I think I have. He wants to retire as a leaf. He knew that if the Leafs didn't do well that he would be traded if he didn't have that no trade clause. Pretty smart for a man who used to wear a Jofa helmet haha :P But seriously it makes perfect sense.


Secondly he had only one year on it because he wants to retire. He's going to be 37 this upcoming season and has bad hips. It's only expected when you think about it.....and considering how the Leafs want to rebuild and how Mats wants to end his career as a Leaf it only seems fit when you think about it.


I hate to say it Leafs nation but I think Mats is going to be leaving this off-season and for good. Sadly he didn't bring us Lord Stanley, but he did bring us lots of memories, a slew of points and years as the Leafs fearless leader. The only way I see Mats coming back with him knowing he will be trade bait again if the team does badly again is if he has a no-trade clause and with the Leafs current situation right now with Bryan McCabe and Darcy Tucker. I don't think the Leafs will give those out again anytime soon.


So with knowing this theres only one thing to say..... thanks Mats, for giving us your all game in and game out and letting us have the privelage of having you on our team for all these years.