WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 1

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 2, 2014

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 1

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    Every week on Bleacher Report, I take an in-depth look at WWE SmackDown to recap the action, offer analysis and grade the matches, segments and anything else that takes place on the show. I also provide some predictions on the direction of storylines.

    We are right between Battleground and SummerSlam, which means almost everything WWE is doing right now is setting up for the biggest show of the summer.

    Two great matches bookended a decent show this week. Jack Swagger took on his former partner, Cesaro, and Chris Jericho took on Erick Rowan in the main event.

    One new match was set for SummerSlam with Rusev taking on Jack Swagger in a Flag match, and another challenge was thrown down when Randy Orton challenged Roman Reigns.

    With Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena headlining this year's pay-per-view, it's almost guaranteed to be a huge event, but that is still a few weeks away. Let's take a look at everything that went down on this week's SmackDown.

The Real American vs. the Swiss Superman

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    If you told me last year that this match would take place in August with Swagger as the face and Cesaro as the heel, I would have called you crazy.

    The former tag partners opened the show with a bout that really kicked things off right. Both men used their mat skills and power to produce a match that would steal most shows.

    The most surprising thing about the ending is that Swagger got a clean win with the Patriot Lock. I expected Rusev to come out and cause a disqualification, but he and Lana waited until after the bell to come out and lay out their challenge.

    Swagger and Zeb Colter gladly accepted the challenge for a Flag match at SummerSlam with the help of the crowd in attendance. Swagger is really getting over with the crowd, but it's up to WWE to capitalize on it the right way.

    Grade: B+

    Some notes from the match:

    • This should have been a big feud when Cesaro left The Real Americans. They could have had some great PPV matches.
    • I hate Flag matches almost as much as I hate "Something" on a pole matches. I can't stand watching people pretend like climbing the turnbuckle takes so long just because there's a flag on the end of it.
    • Colter is clearly trying to get cheap pops by saying things like "Americans never run from a party." It seems to be working.

The Viper Strikes 1st

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    It's hard to say exactly what lit a fire under Orton recently, but it's a good thing it happened because he is really getting back to being a great heel.

    The brutal attack on Reigns on Monday reminded us all of the Legend Killer we saw Orton evolve into several years ago. The promo he delivered on SmackDown only helped reinforce that fact.

    He is not just talking slowly anymore. Orton is beginning to show real emotion again, which makes him so much more entertaining than he was as Triple H's lackey for the past few months.

    Orton threw down a challenge for Reigns at SummerSlam, proving once again that if Orton wants to, he can be one of the best heels on the mic. Hopefully, the match Reigns and Orton have at SummerSlam lives up to its potential.

    Grade: B

The Truth Is Unbolievable

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    Following Bo Dallas' first loss to R-Truth, Dallas attacked him out of frustration, leading to the two having a rematch on SmackDown.

    Dallas tried to extend his hand to Truth, but he ended up being tackled and punched in the face several times instead, which is understandable given how he blindsided Truth last week.

    Dallas ended up getting himself disqualified when he refused to stop beating on Truth after the ref had counted to five.

    Dallas continued the assault until he was forced to stop by the ref. Then he grabbed the mic and delivered a promo to the crowd where he said he knows they all still bolieve in him.

    Grade: C-

    Some notes from the match:

    • I was so happy to hear Michael Cole ask why Dallas always looks like he showered with his shirt on. I have been asking that question since he debuted.
    • Dallas finally showing some aggression is making me like him more. His fake smiles only work if he is truly despicable at the same time.

Turning the Paige

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    Rosa Mendes ended up tapping out to AJ's Black Widow submission about 20 seconds into the match, but the real story came after.

    As AJ was celebrating on the stage, Paige came out of nowhere and shoved her off the side down to the floor. AJ really sold the fall well, making it look like she took a pretty hard tumble to the cement.

    Paige mocked AJ from the stage as officials tried to help her, calling AJ her best friend and telling the hurt champion to call her later.

    Grade: C+

    Some notes from the match:

    • I never realized until this match that I had no idea what Mendes' entrance music sounded like.
    • The grade here is only in relation to the attack segment and not the match. It was barely even a match to begin with.
    • I am still curious as to why Rosa was added to Total Divas and not Alicia Fox. She has the charisma, beauty and appears on TV enough to push the show.

Who Really Has the Handicap?

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    This Handicap match was clearly designed to put Dean Ambrose in his place, but Seth Rollins and Kane got more than they bargained for.

    Ambrose got himself disqualified with a steel chair shot to Kane, and then he proceeded to deliver a DDT on the chair to the Big Red Monster as Rollins bailed.

    This bout made Ambrose look like a real tough customer. Not only did he get the better of two other men, but he managed to end the segment standing tall over his fallen opponents.

    Grade: B-

    Some notes from the match:

    • The DQ finish was the best way to go here. Nobody suffers a clean loss, and Ambrose gets to further his tough-guy gimmick.
    • I wish Kane had something better to do. He is so good at so many things, but WWE only manages to push the guy every other year for a month or so.
    • There is something about Rollins' ring gear that looks really weird, but I can't pinpoint what it is.

The Rumba vs. Flamenco

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    This was a rematch from Raw where Fandango suffered a loss to Diego thanks to Summer Rae and Layla.

    Once again, the former dance partners of Fandango provided a distraction that allowed Diego to pick up the win. El Torito not only got a double dance from the ladies, but he got a kiss from each one, although it was on his mask.

    This thing with Layla and Summer just feels forced now. I don't want to talk about this feud anymore.

    Grade: D-

Ziggler's Mizzed Opportunity

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    Miz was on commentary for this match, and he did a great job of playing the heel champion, touting his movie career every chance he got.

    Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler have faced off too many times to count, but they always put on a decent show with enough time. Unfortunately, this bout didn't last that long.

    Miz stood up on the announce table with a mic and mocked Ziggler, causing the Show Off to leave the ring and chase him into the crowd.

    Del Rio used this as an opportunity to take out Ziggler and put him in the cross armbreaker for the submission win.

    It's obvious that this will lead to an IC title match between Miz and Ziggler at SummerSlam, but it still sucks seeing Ziggler lose to Del Rio for the 4,398th time.

    Grade: C+

    Some notes from the match:

    • Del Rio doesn't even get heat these days. It's pretty clear that the fans just don't care, which is really WWE's fault more than it is Del Rio's.
    • I thought Ric Flair was supposed to team up with Miz. What happened to that?

Rowan Without a Paddle

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    This bout had the stipulation that if Jericho won, Rowan would be banned from ringside at SummerSlam.

    Luke Harper tried to help his partner, but the ref was aware of his interference and sent the big man to the back for the remainder of the match.

    Jericho and Rowan managed to deliver a pretty decent bout. In fact, this might be the best singles match Rowan has had to date. He pulled out a few moves we haven't seen from him before, and he kept up the quick pace set by Jericho.

    Y2J ended up picking up the win with the Codebreaker, making it so Rowan would not be allowed at ringside during SummerSlam.

    Grade: B+

    Some notes from the match:

    • The spin kick from Rowan really surprised me.
    • Bray Wyatt was a bit more vocal at ringside than he usually is.
    • Rowan has really been proving his worth lately. Harper gets most of the praise, but Rowan has shown big improvements.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

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    This was a pretty solid week for SmackDown. The opening and closing bouts were very entertaining , there was some storyline development and a few segments that served as good opportunities to hit the bathroom.

    One new match was set for SummerSlam between Swagger and Rusev, and another was put in motion between Orton and Reigns.

    Dallas took another loss, Miz and Ziggler furthered their feud, Fandango continues to be tormented by the two women he used to dance with and Paige attacked AJ while still pretending to be her best friend.

    SummerSlam has four official matches as of right now, but the rest of the card seems easy enough to predict, which is exactly what this week's predictions will deal with.


    • Reigns will accept Orton's challenge on Monday.
    • Rollins will put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line against Ambrose.
    • Paige and AJ will have a Divas title match at SummerSlam with some kind of hardcore stipulation.
    • Ziggler will defeat Miz to earn an IC title shot at SummerSlam.
    • R-Truth and Dallas will have a match on the pre-show.
    • Kane will eventually turn on The Authority by attacking Orton.

    What did you think of this week's SmackDown?


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