Jericho's New Partner [Part 2]

Juan Correspondent IJuly 9, 2009

I had recently written an article about how Christian should be Jericho's new partner since Edge is out. The only problem was that ECW would lose another one of its top stars. But now, I have found a solution to fix that problem. 

But, before I talk about Christian and ECW, I also want to talk about Dolph Ziggler as Jericho's partner.

Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler

Some fans want to see Dolph as Jericho's partner. While this could be good for Ziggler, I'd rather see him in single's competition. I want to see him go after the Intercontinental title and feud with the likes of John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio. I could see Tyson Kidd, or DH Smith as Jericho's partner, but I can't picture Ziggler in that position. I feel he should stay where he is now. 

Christian on Smackdown

Some people want to see Christian on Smackdown. Some think he is overrated and isn't ready for the World Heavyweight Title yet. I think the best place for him is on ECW. He's helping ECW a lot right now.

Should he be World Heavyweight Champion yet? I think he should wait another year until he becomes champion. 

How does being Jericho's partner help? Like I said in my previous article, it sets up a future program with Edge. It can also mean a heel turn for Christian, which I think would fit him nicely. 

The main issue people had with this idea, was that Christian would move to Smackdown, and that would hurt ECW. 

But, doesn't being Unified Tag Team Champs mean that they are exclusive to all 3 brands? 

Christian can be from ECW and Chris Jericho can be from Smackdown, and they can both be the tag team champs. A trade isn't necessary. 

This also helps ECW, because Chris Jericho might appear on ECW occasionally, and that usually means a good show.

ECW also seems to be the place where new stars come up first. Hopefully, if there are new tag teams, the team of Jericho and Christian can help them as Jericho can make anyone look good in the ring. 

This will most likely result in a Christian heel turn. That would be important for ECW as Jack Swagger and Mark Henry moved to Raw. 

Either way, this helps ECW more with the addition of Jericho every now and then. Christian's appearance on Smackdown can also be good and fresh. 

Hope you enjoyed the read!