What to Think of Mats Sundin and the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Shane HouseAnalyst IMay 5, 2008

What to think of Mats Sundin....... I hear a lot of people talk about him and talk about how what he did was selfish to the Toronto Maple Leafs. By not lifting his no-trade clause to stay with the Leafs. I will admit that when the Trade Deadline ended and I heard that he wasn't going to lift it I was with everyone saying "that's so selfish he deserves a cup and the Leafs deserve a fresh start!!" and to an extent it is right.

But lets think about this.......here is a man who has played in the NHL for 18 years and still hasn't won a Stanley Cup. Something that every kid dreams of when he plays pond hockey outside, and something every hockey player dreams of holding including I imagine Mats Sundin. But instead of having a chance of holding hockeys holy grail and finally achieving what every kid dreams..... he would rather end his career as a Leaf.... fully knowing that he will never get the chance of winning Lord Stanley.


Now in todays age when men in sports complain about not being payed enough money or not getting enough playing time. Heres a man who is willing to give up what every hockey player dreams just to end his career in the blue and white. I say thats something for celebration because its too rare that this happens and its too rare that a man is willing to give up a dream to try to fulfill a hopeless promise to a nation of dire fans. For this I say we applaud what Mats did and celebrate the rarest thing in sports today.......loyalty.