WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of July 28

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 1, 2014

Daniel Bryan reacts during Wrestlemania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)
Credit: WWE.com

WWE's best social media of the last week of July showcased the many facets of a Superstar.

The week's most share-worthy tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos showed WWE's roster overcome with excitement, in destruction mode, making an impact on people's lives and, in Daniel Bryan's case, choking out a burglar. 

Randy Orton shared a side of him far different from that of the predator fans see on TV. Brock Lesnar and the San Diego Comic-Con starred in two fun videos. 

And WWE's newest addition joined another elite NXT prospect at Full Sail University.

The announcement came over the weekend that WWE had signed Prince Devitt (real name: Fergal Devitt) to the NXT division. He didn't take long to buddy up with another stellar athlete who made his name in Japan: Kenta.

Devitt tweeted a shot of him and the former Pro Wrestling Noah star from NXT's homebase:

Fans of Japanese wrestling have to be stoked to see these two men in a WWE building. One's mind can't help but race to the future when these two will be performing on Raw and SmackDown.

It's thrilling to imagine Devitt taking on Cesaro, or Kenta colliding with Bryan. Perhaps they can first enter WWE's big stage as a tag team. The Usos vs. Devitt and Kenta has show-stealing potential aplenty.

A recent backstage glimpse of the tag champs and Dolph Ziggler captured the three-man team's excitement level before they battled RybAxel and The Miz on Monday's Raw. There is clear passion in the photo WWE posted of them on Instagram:

Photo from Instagram

Ziggler and The Usos' passion beams once they step in the ring as well. They seem to be having as much fun putting on a show as Lesnar seems to have in pounding people like a cook tenderizing meat.

WWE compiled clips counting down The Beast Incarnate's 10 greatest beatdowns. Heath Slater, Hulk Hogan and a wrestling ring all play the victim in the following video:

Wrestlers have to be many things: actors, acrobats, warriors and spokespeople. Fans are used to seeing Orton on the attack, playing the sadistic villain as he did on Monday's Raw when he mauled Roman Reigns.

Those who follow The Viper on Instagram, however, saw a much different version of him. Orton posted a picture of him with a fan and her son, asking folks to spread awareness about hydrocephalus:

Photo from Instagram

His influence as a WWE Superstar means that thousands of people saw this image, likely inspiring many of them to find out more about the brain condition. The Hydro Angels Over America Facebook page noted that the organization sent Bridget (the fan seen above) to Austin and Dallas, Texas and partnered with WWE to have her meet Orton.

It's moments like this one that should have fans rein in their complaints about storylines and who they perceive as getting "buried" this week. It reminds us that WWE is about entertaining people and having fun.

The company seemed to revel in that element when it put together an intro for an imagined Raw-centered sitcom:

Fans and wrestlers alike seemed to be enjoying themselves when WWE invaded the San Diego Comic-Con last week. Sting made his first WWE public appearance, Hogan got pumped about just about everything and Big E approved of the thighs on his action figure.

WWE recapped the highlights in a video on YouTube:

One of the bigger stories of the week involved a wrestler who is out with injury. Bryan essentially scored a submission victory in an incident outside of his home.

As WWE's Twitter account pointed out, Bryan stopped a would-be thief at his house, clamping a rear-naked choke on him until the police arrived.

The other burglar managed to get away. Had he not, a "Yes!" Lock might have been in his future.

It could have been worse, though. Had the robbers headed to JTG and Shad Gaspard's house, the team known as Cryme Tyme said that it would be the final burglary in their careers.

Other former WWE wrestlers had plenty to say about the incident as well. Gregory Shane Helms (Hurricane Helms) joked about being half of the robbery duo:

Matt Hardy compared Bryan to a certain superhero:

The folks at the WWE Creative Humor imagined how The Authority would spin the story:

Hopefully, hearing of a former WWE champ wrapping his arms around this thief's neck will deter a few people thinking of going into the house-plundering business. You could be rifling through the jewelry box and look up to see Kenta's boot coming at your head, Orton readying his punt kick or Lesnar charging at you like a bull.