The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 7/31/14

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2014

The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 7/31/14

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    Tag team wrestling was at the forefront of the July 31 episode of NXT as The Ascension continued their unprecedented tag title reign, Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley rolled over the Mechanics, and a tournament to decide the No. 1 contenders was announced for next week's show.

    Which team will step up and challenge Konnor and Viktor for the division's top prize? Only time will tell, but the newly formed team of Dempsey and Rawley showed hints that they may provide the powerhouses with their toughest challenge to date should they win the whole thing.

    Elsewhere on the show, Tyson Kidd's jealousy of Natalya and his unwavering obsession with rebuilding his career in NXT reared its ugly head on Thursday as he lost a match to Adam Rose and then proceeded to blame his love, despite her complete lack of involvement in the contest.

    One must wonder at what point Kidd will take responsibility for his lack of success and make the necessary changes in order to turn things around. Either that or face the repercussions for the continued mistreatment of the woman who loves him more than anything.

    Charlotte continued her winning ways, beating a very game Becky Lynch in impressive fashion, while Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze had a heated confrontation as they build to an eventual NXT Championship match. 

    With the above making for another newsworthy episode of NXT, relive the very best from Thursday's show with this week's The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT!

The Good

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    The Ascension Dominates; Dempsey and Mojo Roll

    The announcement by commentators Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Renee Young that next week will see the beginning of a tag team tournament to crown new No. 1 contenders did a great deal to set the table for the rest of the night's show.

    First, The Ascension bowled over two more local talents before cutting a promo, during which Viktor appeared unimpressed by the announcement of said tournament. Both he and Konnor vowed to annihilate whichever team was unlucky enough to win and face them—much to the approval of the NXT Universe, which appreciates the sheer dominance with which the team has ruled over the tag team division.

    Later in the evening, Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey formed a formidable team, defeating Scott Dawson and the debuting Dash Wilder. Rawley and Dempsey are powerful Superstars who have torn through the competition in singles competition and will now turn their attention toward The Ascension and ending their tag title reign.

    The emphasis put on tag team wrestling over the last few weeks has been in hopes of rebuilding the division in NXT and creating worthwhile competition for The Ascension. With the inception of the contender's tournament and the formation of new teams like Dempsey and Rawley, that is exactly what is happening, and fans of the developmental brand are sure to benefit the most.

The Great

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    When Tyler Met Adrian

    This week's broadcast kicked off with Tyler Breeze decimating Angelo Dawkins and continuing his winning ways.

    After the match, he revealed his big announce: His music video was being entered into Oscar consideration for best documentary. Before the nonsense could continue, Adrian Neville made his way to the ring, exchanged some insults with Breeze ("I got a Snapchat from your mom earlier. Turns out you're not the only one in your family that takes selfies") before the confrontation turned physical.

    The mic work between the two competitors was great, the insults hilarious and the confrontation necessary to put some heat on their program. The two stepped up to the plate, and suddenly, their rivalry was brought back to the forefront, reinvigorating interest in a future match between them.

    It was a great way to kick off the show and an effective method of furthering the program without actually furthering it.


    Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte and Bayley Wants a Title Shot

    The fiery Irish redhead Becky Lynch returned to NXT with a new theme song, a new entrance and a chance to knock off women's champion Charlotte and potentially earn a future title shot.

    Things did not go according to plan.

    Despite outwrestling the champion early, a well-timed assault on her knee by the second-generation Diva left Lynch struggling to stand, let alone mount anything resembling a comeback. Charlotte scored the pinfall victory and continued to establish herself as the queen bee of NXT.

    Later in the night, the lovable Bayley was interviewed by JoJo. During the brief promo, she reminded fans that she has a victory over Charlotte and staked her claim to a shot at the NXT Women's Championship, to which the current titleholder appeared and talked down to the huggable Diva.

    Charlotte treated Bayley's request for a title match as if it were a joke, something she very well may regret when they lock up somewhere down the line with the gold on the line.

The Awesome

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    Kidd's Descent Continues

    Tyson Kidd's obsession with his redemption in NXT took another hit Thursday night as he lost a hard-fought match to Adam Rose and then proceeded to blame it on wife Natalya, even though it was he who stopped to berate her at ringside.

    The loss was the latest in a string of them and brought the once-happy couple one step closer to implosion.

    Natalya has done nothing wrong. She has been a supportive wife, even through Kidd's noticeable change in demeanor. She was again by his side Thursday night as he took on Rose. That Kidd became so jealous of the attention paid to the former Divas champion demonstrated just how frail his ego has become.

    Who could have expected that Kidd and Natalya would be involved in one of the more intriguing and compelling storylines in WWE in 2014? Their story has unfolded over the course of four months but has never felt stale or boring. In fact, interest has not waned in the slightest as the program has not had the opportunity to overstay its welcome.

    NXT is such a fast-paced show that stories move along nicely without burning out at the rate they do on Raw and SmackDown due to overexposure.

    The offering of his sucker to Natalya by Adam Rose was a great and logical way to initiate the tension between Kidd and his wife, and her willingness to actually suck on it, eliciting "oooos" from the NXT Universe, helped play up the Diva's fun side—a side that was anything but appreciated by her husband.

    Over the next month, it should be very interesting to see where WWE Creative takes the story. Will Natalya finally have enough of Kidd's attitude and leave him to wallow in his own misery, or will she continue to stand by, watching him descend into madness following every loss? Only time will tell.