3 New York Mets Prospects Who Will Help the Team in 2015

Sean Cunningham@@SS_CunninghamContributor IIAugust 1, 2014

3 New York Mets Prospects Who Will Help the Team in 2015

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    With the trade deadline over, the New York Mets kept all of their prospects. While they could still deal some of them over the offseason, right now is a safe time to look at which players have a chance of helping the team in 2015.

    The three players I chose are the ones I deem as having the highest possible impact once they are called up to the majors. I haven’t included players who have already made their major league debut—like Rafael Montero—or players who could contribute but do so in a role-playing capacity—like Matt Reynolds.

    I also haven’t included Kevin Plawecki, who could be an impact player if Travis d’Arnaud goes down with an injury. I didn’t include him because I believe that as long as d’Arnaud is healthy, he will be given every opportunity as the first-string catcher, and that only an injury would make Plawecki the full-time starter.

    So here are the three Mets prospects who will help the 2015 Mets if and when they are given a starting job.

Noah Syndergaard

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    Noah Syndergaard is an obvious choice for a prospect who will help the Mets in 2015. It’s possible that Syndergaard will make his debut in the next month or two, and if not, he will come up as soon as he is ready and a spot opens up next season.

    Once Syndergaard is a part of the rotation, he should be there for a long time. He should be a force in the Mets rotation for years to come with a dominant fastball and improving secondary pitches.

    The only issue is that the Mets already have five quality major league starters right now, so there isn’t a spot for him. That shouldn’t be a concern, however, as the Mets pitching depth is a positive no matter which way you look at it, and due to the nature of starting pitchers, it’s likely a spot will open up at some point and Syndergaard will slide in nicely.

Brandon Nimmo

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    Brandon Nimmo exploded in High-A to start the season, and he is now finding his way in Double-A Binghamton after some early struggles.

    The Wyoming product has made huge strides this year and looks like he’ll be ready for a big league call-up sometime next summer or September. His patient approach at the plate and plus athleticism in the outfield should allow him to contribute immediately even if he struggles to hit for average.

    Nimmo should start next season in Triple-A, but it is possible the Mets would like to see him continue to improve and work on his game in the minors for the entire season. That being said, the Mets have been searching for a solid left fielder forever, and if there is still a hole there and the Mets are competing next summer, it will be hard for them to deny Nimmo the opportunity to help the team and prove himself.

Dilson Herrera

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    Dilson Herrera has mashed his way to Double-A so far this season, where he is dominating as one of the league’s youngest players.

    Herrera, who was acquired in the Marlon Byrd trade last summer, is forcing the Mets to think about whether he or Daniel Murphy should be the starting second baseman.

    The young Colombian infielder is still so young, and the Mets could possibly want to let him refine his game for another whole season in the minors. Even with his numbers, Herrera is still pretty raw as a player, and his production despite his rawness speaks to his ceiling as player.

    However, Herrera could force his way into the Mets’ 2015 plans if he continues his upward trajectory and should be an exciting player if a spot opens up during the summer via a Murphy trade or shifting of position.