LeBron James Continues Childish Behavior

winslowContributor IJuly 9, 2009

The child’s young mother, who was obviously overwhelmed, knelt nearby, staring straight ahead, and looking totally helpless and humiliated, as annoyed onlookers wiggled their way around her toddler as they entered and exited the establishment.

In observing that scene, I found myself quietly thinking, “This kid is going to have severe social problems as an adult.”  I thought of my own childhood, and the repercussions that I would have suffered at the hands of my mother, if the mere thought of falling out on the floor in public had even crossed my mind.

Eerily enough, as I look back on that moment, in the local retail establishment; I see stunning similarities when comparing that four year old kid lying on the floor, and one of today’s biggest and brightest sport’s stars: LeBron James.

What do you get when you take a poor kid, raised by a 16-year old mother, and surrounded by “yes-men” for the majority of his life, who did nothing but bow at his feet, worshipping him as they would a God?

If you answered, “ LeBron James,” then you are now eligible to move on to the next category for $200.00.

I mean literally, from cursing at his mother during last year’s Celtic’s beat down, to refusing to shake the hands of Magic players after getting his butt kicked in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, to costing his team a number of top free agents this summer, with his selfish refusal to make a decision on his future known, to the latest incident where Jordan Crawford smashed one in his face, at the LeBron James Skills Academy, only to have “His Greatness,” demand that a representative from Nike confiscate the tape; this guy is literally suffering from a lack of pre-teen, parental guidance.

Seriously, how many NBA players do we see walking around during the offseason, wearing t-shirts that read, “LBJ-MVP,” or “Check My Stats?”  This guy is literally a spoiled, immature, selfish piece of work.

The unfortunate part in all of this is that those who are actually close to him (LeBron could care less about the opinions of fans), and that should be making attempts to curtail some of this ignorance, are behaving just like the mother of the kid at the retail outlet.  They are kneeling idly by, overwhelmed by his presence, and allowing this child to act a fool in public on a daily basis.

Memo to Danny Ferry: If this brat wants to pack his bags and move to New York, after all that you’ve done for him, wish him good riddance! You don’t owe this arrogant jerk anything.  He’s single-handily stunting your ability to upgrade the roster, due to the fact that he gets some sick sort of pleasure out of all of the media attention surrounding the possibility of his leaving.  Let the guy go.  Good luck leading Eddie Curry and Chris Duhon to a ring, when he couldn’t get it done with the roster in Cleveland.