Weird Moments with Mascots

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2014

Weird Moments with Mascots

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    Mascots are supposed to be sources of encouragement and joy—but sometimes they’re just weird.

    I’m not talking about hilarious dunk fails or staged fights with purple dinosaurs. I’m talking about perplexing, head-scratching oddities.

    Why, for instance, would the Chicago Cubs introduce a mascot who wears no pants? Why would a man jump out of an inflatable bull to propose to his girlfriend? And why, why would the Sochi Olympics make this the face of its Games?

    Join me on this journey to strangetown, my friends. If mascots creep you out, beware.

Clark the Cub

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    John Konstantaras/Associated Press

    The Chicago Cubs introduced its new mascot, Clark the Cub, in January 2014.

    Why is this weird? Dude doesn’t wear pants.

    Also because Comcast SportsNet accidentally showed an X-rated, photoshopped version of the animated bear on air.

Fake Cubs Mascot

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    Clark the Cub, pantless wonder, is not to be impersonated.

    Seriously, or the Chicago Cubs will sue you.

    Just ask the perpetrators behind the fake mascot who got into a Wrigleyville bar fight.

    The team’s claim is that the guy in the bear suit and “Billy Cub” jersey was posturing as an official Cubs representative, therefore committing trademark infringement.

Blitz Embarrasses 49ers Fan

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    Fans were out in droves recently when Seattle Seahawks single-game tickets went on sale.

    Crowds gathered, and folks camped out—including a few rival San Francisco 49ers fans.

    One such fan had the not-so-brilliant idea to try and cover Blitz the mascot. His dismal attempt, if you can even call it that, was unfortunately filmed for all the world to see.

Walking Down the Aisle

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    This one is one part weird, one part heartwarming. 

    When Jennifer Urs Sullivan’s father passed away, she wasn’t looking forward to walking down the aisle on her wedding day, according to the New York Daily News

    But the folks at the University of Miami athletic department helped make her wedding day special by arranging for Sebastian the Ibis to do the honors.

Cheese Chester on the DL

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    Keith Srakocic/Associated Press

    Injuries are never funny, not even when they happen to mascots.

    But the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Cheese Chester’s injury and subsequent landing on the disabled list were a little strange.

    This story by Fox Sports sums up the sequence of events pretty nicely: C.C. hurt in pierogi race, C.C. carted off the field, C.C. listed as day-to-day by Pirates manager Clint Hurdle, C.C. gets crutches and finally, C.C.’s stint on the 15-day DL is announced via Jumbotron at PNC Park.

    Get well soon, big fella!


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    Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

    The general existence of the Brooklyn Nets comic-inspired former mascot was one, prolonged weird moment.

    I thought one of a mascot’s many responsibilities, in addition to attempting stunts and riling up the crowd, was to make children laugh. This face had to make some kids cry in its day.

    Grantland’s Zach Lowe informed the world via Twitter that BrooklyKnight will mercifully not be back next season, but apparently you can still book him for your next event.

Mascot Surgery

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    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    Mascots getting surgery is always going to be weird.

    But in the case of the New Orleans Pelicans’ Pierre, it was needed. Along the lines of BrooklyKnight, Pierre in his original form was somewhat terrifying.

    So the Pelicans made a tongue-in-cheek announcement regarding some beak reconstruction for the bird, and the new Pierre is decidedly less Hitchcock-esque.

Inflatable Proposal

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    One minute he’s an inflatable Chicago Bulls mascot, the next he’s just a man in love.

    I can’t believe the cheerleader said yes, but she did. Inflatables and romance don’t really go hand-in-hand for me, but to each their own.

Eyeless Coyote

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    Mascots have suffered their share of injuries over the years, but eye removal might be a first.

    It happened when a Denver Nuggets player ran into the San Antonio Spurs’ coyote mascot and smacked his eyes clean off.

    Maybe let’s secure those eyes a little better next time, eh? There could have been kids around.  

More Inflatables

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    What is with the inflatables? This huge blow-up rodent hanging out by the Houston Rockets locker room is weird enough.

    At least the ensuing prank he pulled on the players after practice was hilarious.

    Dwight Howard’s reaction is classic.

Paintball Punishment

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    Prior to a 2013 game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts, a friendly wager was made between the mascots.

    Shocker: The Jags lost.

    And Jaxson de Ville’s punishment for his football team’s inadequacy was 40 paintballs straight to the gut. Careful, it’s painful to watch.

Tripping Mascot

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    You’re not allowed to trip people in hockey. You are also not allowed to trip mascots.

    Allen Americans’ Garrett Klotz learned this the hard way after inexplicably tripping the opposing mascot in a CHL game against the Missouri Mavericks.

    Klotz was handed two misconduct penalties and a two-game suspension (!) as a result of the incident, and Allen’s head coach was also fined.

    Tripping mascots is serious business, folks.


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    Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

    Montreal Canadiens mascot Youppi! made a bet with Jimmy Fallon and lost.

    When the New York Rangers beat the Canadiens in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, Youppi! was forced to post pictures on Twitter of himself in a Rangers jersey.

    The results included Youppi! at the Olympic Stadium, Youppi! on a mechanical bull and Youppi! on a carousel. Weird, sad, all of the above.

Olympic Bear

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    Finally, this.

    Why? Just, why?