Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Is Set To Face Junior Dos Santos at UFC 103

TimCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

After multiple reports that Mirko Cro Cop had signed with Dream, word has surfaced that he is set to face Junior Dos Santos at UFC 103. 

The event will be on the main card, although, it's not yet known who will headline the event.

Days after Cro Cop’s last fight (UFC 99), rumors surfaced that he had backed out of a verbal agreement made with Dana White

Reports had Cro Cop signing with Dream and Dana White quickly went on record bashing Cro Cop for his dishonesty. The situation got ugly fast.

Apparently, no permanent damage was done. All wounds seem to be healed and Cro Cop has made it official with UFC. Dos Santo has reported the fight as scheduled and all but signed.

The matchup with Dos Santos is an interesting one for Cro Cop.  

Dos Santos is an up-and-coming fighter and this fight will either propel him towards stardom or, in a shallow Heavyweight division, offer Cro Cop a major stepping stone step towards title contention.