WWE WTF: Daniel Bryan's Home Security, Buff Bagwell's Career Venture & More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2014

Is Spike TV done with TNA? Is burglarizing Daniel Bryan a good idea? Is it possible for Buff Bagwell’s post-wrestling career to become even more scandalous?

TMZ.com reported that Buff Bagwell is in talks with adult-film titan Vivid Entertainment in the hopes of launching a career in XXX movies. Bagwell, who was featured on Showtime’s Gigolos, has also involved his wife in ongoing contract talks, according to the report. She’s either a keeper or a client.

The way Brie Bella has fought in Daniel Bryan’s honor lately certainly qualifies her as a keeper. Bryan’s ongoing underdog story, however, recently involved him biting back. Several news outlets, including the Associated Press (h/t The Huffington Post), reported Daniel Bryan apprehended a burglar who had attempted to invade his Arcadia home.

The real-life hero held the suspect in a rear-naked choke until police arrived. Somewhere in WWE developmental, recent signee Kenta is resisting the urge to ask Bryan how it feels to have something stolen from him.

The seven-year marriage between TNA and Spike TV is set to end, according to TMZ. If reports of Spike TV not renewing its contract with TNA are true, the promotion could fold if it does not find a new television partner.

There’s always Vivid Entertainment.

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