Stock Up, Stock Down for WWE NXT Prospects for Week of July 28

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 1, 2014


A quartet of prospects from the WWE NXT tag team division forced fans to take notice.

Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension appear even more ready for a call-up. The Mechanics debuted, the two bruisers impressively in sync. Those men along with Becky Lynch most improved their stock on this week's NXT. Credit high energy and stage presence for that.

Angelo Dawkins and Mojo Rawley, meanwhile, failed to gain any traction.

For the former, he continues to have little opportunity to do so. As for Rawley, it's clear his climb to WWE's biggest stage is going to take a long while.

In her biggest NXT match to date, Lynch showed that she's far closer to a main-roster promotion than Rawley or Dawkins.


Stock Up: Becky Lynch

Lynch's first appearances saw her play a goofy version of herself. She did an Irish jig and had a playful aura about her, much like Bayley.

Against Charlotte on Thursday's NXT, she came off as more aggressive, finding an in-ring persona that suits her better.

She hyped the crowd with an energetic entrance and spent the majority of the match wowing them with crisp ring work. A bridge out of Charlotte's grip, landing on her feet to counter a would-be slam and some excellent selling highlighted her bout.

Charlotte went after her knee and Lynch sold it beautifully. Lynch created empathy by howling in pain each time the champ wrenched her leg to the side.

The NXT women's division has needed someone to step up with Emma, Paige and Summer Rae gone. Lynch did just that.


Stock Down: Angelo Dawkins

Give a guy four at-bats a season and you can't blame him for not getting any hits. 

Dawkins has had little chance to do much more than lie on his back and listen to the referee count to three. On Thursday's NXT, he took on Tyler Breeze, and that trend continued.

Dawkins' only shot at making an impression came early on when he did some showboating. After tossing Breeze to the mat, he made an exaggerated face that was probably more awkward than he intended.

The No. 1 contender to the NXT Championship then proceeded to stomp on Dawkins, ending the match soon after with the Beauty Shot.

Tyler Breeze attacks Angelo Dawkins in the corner.
Tyler Breeze attacks Angelo Dawkins in the corner.Credit:

WWE putting Dawkins in this same fodder role week after week is a bad sign. It signals a lack of interest in him being anything more and doesn't offer him a way to escape that position.

With NXT adding Kenta and Fergal Devitt lately, the roster is set to get more crowded. Guys who inhabit the low spot that Dawkins does are the ones most likely to get pushed out first.


Stock Up: The Ascension

WWE announced that beginning on next week's NXT, a tournament will begin, the winner becoming the No. 1 contender for the tag titles.

That's going to give the tag team division some buzz, but more importantly, it will give Viktor and Konnor a high-profile match against a set of opponents with plenty of momentum.

The Ascension addresses the fans at Full Sail University.
The Ascension addresses the fans at Full Sail University.Credit:

Their warm-up bout before that saw them collide with Mac Miles and Steve Cutler. The Ascension had an especially ominous presence before and during this matchup. They glared at their foes and toyed with them like a cat batting a stunned mouse.

Viktor and Konnor have always had good chemistry, but they were especially smooth together here. 

After taking out the competition, they addressed the Full Sail University crowd. Viktor led the way on the mic, being the controlled, intense one. Konnor followed with a more guttural performance. Both men grabbed the audience's attention.

It's long been time to either step up the level of their competition or have them debut on Raw. They are ready for either.


Stock Down: Mojo Rawley

Bull Dempsey and Rawley formed a tag team to take on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, The Mechanics. Both Rawley's foes and his partner outshone him.

Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley talk after their match.
Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley talk after their match.Credit:

Dawson and Dempsey had an intriguing spark between them. Rawley didn't have as much presence as either man.

At times, he overdid the hyped gimmick while in the ring, appearing cartoonish at times.

His success is going to depend on his ability to balance theatrics and subtlety. He seems to be in search of the ideal version of his persona, and in the meantime, seems a touch lost.

A minimal toolbox in the ring is keeping him from moving upward as well. That was on display in this match as everyone around had more varied offenses.


Stock Up: The Mechanics

Dawson and Wilder took the act they had been performing at NXT house shows to a bigger stage. The fact that they lost to Dempsey and Rawley is not what is most noteworthy about their match on Thursday's NXT.

The biggest takeaway from their debut is that their chemistry is excellent.

They tagged in and out of the ring smoothly, appearing to fit together perfectly. A similar look, style and ring gear has them feeling like more of a cohesive team than a duo like Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger. 

Dawson had the most presence of the two. His punches and kicks were convincing as was his fiery attitude.

The Mechanics join the NXT party at just the right time with the tournament set for next week. The growing tag division should offer them a good supply of competition and more opportunities to make fans and WWE officials pay attention to them.


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