Back From The Hospital With a a Lot Of Opinions!

Logan Riley Contributor IJuly 9, 2009

    While in the hospital I watched a lot of good events and bad ones (RIP Micheal J). But nothing annoys me more than hearing Tony Stewart apoligize for wrecking Kyle Busch on the last lap of the Coke Zero 400. First of all why are you apoligizing, not only did you win the race, even Busch fans knew Kyle had it coming to him so why apoligize for something the crowd knew was around the corner for him! Jeff Gordon once again two RP races in a row attempts to avoid the big wreck by staying on the tail end of the draft and winds up wrecking anyway, you would think he would have learned his lesson after totaling his Pepsi Challenger at Dega. Dale Jr. having more trouble than last year, so much so, that Tony Eury is now in the unemployment line and should Jr. not pick up slack could soon be there himself. Finally, NASCAR ges these lap down ass clowns out of the way and puts the field back in line double file or as has been named by Kyle Petty, "SHOOTOUT STYLE"! Now we can finally see these boys earn their spots on the track, no more using Derrick Cope as a brace to take first spot. The best thing I can remember is Mark Martin competing again as if it was 1998 all over again. Way to Mark, heres to hoping for that third win!