Brock Lesnar's Infrequent Appearances Mean He Cannot Be the Next WWE Champion

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2014


In this modern age of the WWE, the protocol for what it takes to be a WWE champion is changing all the time.

That's why it makes the upcoming SummerSlam bout between John Cena and Brock Lesnar on August 18 so intriguing. Putting Cena's recent absence to one side, they are very much chalk and cheese in terms of their championship credentials.

Many will be desperate for Cena to be dethroned once again and see a new WWE champion crowned in the shape of Lesnar. There is great substance to argue that it is no less than Lesnar deserves, especially after his recent victory at WrestleMania XXX against The Undertaker.

However, Lesnar's part-time schedule (calling it part-time is generous at best) dictates that he simply shouldn't have his hands anywhere near the title for various reasons. One of the biggest irritants for WWE fans in the modern era is how championships are seemingly passed around like hot cakes.

Therefore, just weeks after Cena again won the championship, where is the logic in passing it on to a guy who will drop it himself a few weeks later? Lesnar would make a great champion if he were hanging around for a good few months, but we all know that isn't the case.

In fact, his recent in-ring record is absolutely astonishing. Per the Pro Fight Database, Lesnar has wrestled in a WWE ring just seven times since his return to the company back in 2012.

How does that constitute being considered championship material? The merge of the two major championships should have completely upped the stakes in terms of what it requires to be the champ, but seemingly there is no difference.

You can even look beyond Lesnar's match total inside the ring to find another reason (perhaps the most important one) why he shouldn't be champion, too. The simple fact is that Lesnar just doesn't show up enough to WWE shows, as he leaves most of his work to Paul Heyman.

In some ways, that isn't a bad thing, because the more Paul Heyman we get on our screens, the better. But if Lesnar isn't even showing up to tapings of Raw and SmackDown, how on Earth is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship going to come out of a Lesnar reign with any strength?

Even though Cena draws a lot of hatred from wrestling fans, at least he shows up and promotes the championship most weeks. Lesnar just isn't qualified enough in his current scheduling to be a major champion with the WWE, unfortunately.

The types of match Lesnar is best designed for with his current schedule are the matches we saw against the likes of Triple H and CM Punk: grudge matches that don't have any long-term impact on the top end of the card.

This shouldn't be seen as a slight on Lesnar. If he reverted to being a full-time star (or even if he participated in a solid four or five months on the road), then the prospect of him winning the title would be simply mouthwatering. But when you have a guy who barely turns up to the flagship WWE TV show every week, the reasoning for him becoming champion is minimal.

To cite Triple H, Brock Lesnar winning the championship at SummerSlam wouldn't be best for business.