Analyzing Potential Directions for Brock Lesnar's Character After SummerSlam

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 31, 2014


It’s interesting to consider just where WWE management will go with Brock Lesnar’s character following the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

I assume he’ll leave the Staples Center with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The company simply has to capitalize on his momentum following his destruction of The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania XXX. Besides, having him lose clean to John Cena again—he jobbed to him at Extreme Rules 2012—just seems like a bad idea.  

So, what can we expect from new champion Lesnar? 


Well, presumably WWE will start booking him on the show a lot more. It’s one thing for him to make only sporadic appearances on the show when he’s another wrestler on the roster; if he’s the world champion, he’s going to have to show up more regularly.

Paul Heyman appearing in his place just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Lesnar’s light schedule might make things difficult, but WWE will have to figure something out—you can’t have a champion who's not a crucial and integral part of Raw.

I could see the company giving him more promo time too as his television exposure increases. As he continues to feud with Cena into the autumn, WWE could reveal more of his character and give him more mic time.


Lesnar’s monster act is great, but he needs more depth to his character if he is to truly become one of the best heels in history.

What are his motivations? Is he as indifferent to the wrestling business as many assume? What does he want his legacy in wrestling to be? Following SummerSlam, WWE has a real chance to expand on his character and make it infinitely more interesting.

It will also be fascinating to see how The Authority-Lesnar dynamic will play out if Lesnar leaves Los Angeles with the belt.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may want the title off of Cena, but how are they going to cope when a reckless mercenary who basically does whatever he wants every week has the belt?

Cena and Rollins, could they feud with Lesnar after SummerSlam?
Cena and Rollins, could they feud with Lesnar after SummerSlam?Credit:

Lesnar is the one guy on the roster they definitely can’t bully or order around. If he does win the title, expect some fireworks between him and his corporate bosses. It should make for some great television.

And what about Seth Rollins? Will he try to cash in on a Money in the Bank title shot on the new champion after SummerSlam? A Rollins vs. Lesnar feud, with Cena also heavily involved, is an intriguing idea. Just think how great the matches would be.

One other compelling possibility is that Heyman could cost Lesnar the belt at SummerSlam, leading to the MMA star turning babyface.


A babyface Lesnar might sound like a dubious idea, but I think it has great potential.

Despite what people may think, the former UFC fighter isn’t a bad talker at all.

He showed a lot of personality during his face run in 2003, and his UFC interviews were often pretty great too. Despite his occasionally standoffish demeanor, he actually comes off as a fairly likable and down-to-earth guy.

Fans might see him as a refreshing antidote to Cena’s cartoonishness. If scripted right, he could be a great anti-authority babyface in the vein of Steve Austin or CM Punk.

Lesnar could easily survive, and maybe even thrive, without Heyman by his side. Vince McMahon should consider turning him babyface at some point in the future. There's too much potential in the idea not to.

There are a few places WWE’s writing team can go with Lesnar’s character after SummerSlam, but they have to be willing to take some risks and do something different with his character. It's time to go somewhere else with him.