The Miz's New Persona Should Already Be Deemed a Failure in WWE

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 30, 2014


Never shy about changing wrestlers' gimmicks and personas, WWE has once again turned one of its former main event stars into a questionable midcard character with an outrageous persona.

Sure, the fact The Miz was away filming The Marine 4: Moving Target meant that his standing in the WWE roster had waned over the last six months, but the latest alteration to his character has already bombed. A guy like The Miz made a success of himself by being a menacing, vitriolic heel who took pleasure in mocking others.

However, having him act like "the greatest multiplatform star in WWE" (his words, not mine) has done nothing whatsoever for the development of his career. In fact, it has massively failed already, and there doesn't look to be much of a way back for the gimmick.

Giving him the Intercontinental Championship a few weeks after he returned from hiatus was a move that would truly test whether the gimmick could work. It meant he would get regular time on TV and be a frequent part of all WWE shows.

Yet his promos have been flat, and the fact his gimmick involves not wanting to get his face hit hurts his matches. Don't forget, this is a WWE fanbase that is truly wowed by great wrestling. Look at Cesaro. He's not a face, but he's over with the crowd because he consistently puts on an entertaining spectacle inside the ring.

You could also say the same about Dolph Ziggler, although the mismanagement he has endured over the last 12 months is probably a bigger reason why he gets cheered on a regular basis. The Miz is even struggling to garner heat as a heel, something which is never a good sign.

At SummerSlam, the likelihood of him dropping the Intercontinental Championship should be considered very high. It just hasn't worked out, and although people are (rightly) against the midcard titles being passed around like hot cakes, a shift in paradigm is imperative on this occasion.

When you consider the hard work that had been put into Bad News Barrett's gimmick, which led to him becoming a worthy Intercontinental Champion, The Miz's new persona just seems drastically lazy. Calling his face "The Moneymaker" is ridiculously cringeworthy and doesn't get him heatit just makes people get bored of The Miz. And that, in all honesty, is a real shame.

Quite where he goes with this persona from here is anybody's guess. It's a complete write-off, and it's hard to believe why those in WWE Creative ever thought having The Miz acting like an arrogant movie star would ever work out.

Look back to when The Miz was WWE Champion; even though people question whether he should have held the belt, the fact is he was far more relevant then than he is now. WWE needs to examine how and why that happened and concentrate on moving away from this latest persona.