Blue Jays-Rays: Tampa Captures Another Walk-off Win Against Toronto

Ian HunterCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009
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After another rough day filled with Halladay trade rumours and the announcement of the release of B.J. Ryan, a win against the Tampa Bay Rays would have been just what the Toronto Blue Jays needed to get back into the good books.
But it didn't work out that way—instead the Rays won their second straight game in walk-off fashion against the Blue Jays.

Last night it was pitcher's duel, and tonight it was what could only be described as a "hitter's duel." The lead changed many times, there were 19 runs and 31 hits in total. Sounds more like an All-Star game box score rather than a regular season matchup between the Jays and the Rays.

Watching the Rays win two straight walk-off games is incredibly deflating, but the Blue Jays will turn to Roy Halladay to make sure it's not a sweep. Knowing how intense Halladay is about game day rituals, I doubt he will even come close to talking to any reporters tomorrow so he will be on his game no matter how many teams are "serious about trading for him."

I noticed a strange trend in the last three series for the Blue Jays which could continue tomorrow—in each of their previous series against the Yankees, Rays, and Phillies, the Jays have won the final game in the series. Coincidence?

Just a quick note, I'll be heading on holidays for a couple of days and should be back by the end of the week. Considering how quickly things have already escalated this week, I hope that I don't come back to find Blue Jays completely in shambles.
Because, if that's the case, I might need more than just a few days to deal with the news.