Does Anyone Have Anything Positive To Say About Raheem Morris?

Dayne DurantiCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

TAMPA, FL - 2008:  Raheem Morris of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Week after week I read articles about the new Buccaneers.

I listen to sports radio.

I watch sports television.

I have yet to hear anyone outside of Buccaneers fans give Raheem Morris any credit. It is even hard to gather from Bucs fans.

I know that he is new and the team has yet to take the field. He has not proven himself or his intentions. We do not know what to expect. But I read these coaching polls and articles about new coaches and RM is always at the bottom of the lists.

Along with his team.

New quarterback, undetermined running game, no experience, destroyed the Tampa Two, not enough practice, too young, no chance in a strong division, no big names on defense, etc...

And the hits keep on coming.

So, tell me all-knowing sporting press, can Raheem Morris do anything right? Are the Buccaneers looking at a 4-12 season at best?

I certainly hope not. And I hope that the Buccaneers may even surprise a few people and win some games.

You know, the state of things surrounding this situation is worse than I thought.

If I am the only optimist, that is not good. That is not at all my role.

May god have mercy on us all.