NFL, National Female Legence? No. National Football League: Reformed...

Tino ButlerContributor IJuly 9, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 27:  A cheerleader from the Arizona Wildcats performs against the Louisville Cardinals  during the third round of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament at the Lucas Oil Stadium on March 27, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Louisville won 103-64. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

I, among millions of others across this majestic and beautiful country we call the USA, am a huge fan of our national sport, the NFL. Despite the game being so successful and, for use of a better word, 'tiiiimes' I believe that the game needs to take the extra step and up the intensity and 'grit' that the game is played in.

As readers of the 'bleacher report' would know NFL players suit up in a vast array of extravagant head, torso and other body 'armour' to take the field. But why? Has anyone ever seen our close friends in Australia's game known as the AFL? These huge men run around an oval pitch and tackle the feces out of each other and then proceed to get up and keep playing, however, our national sport is still stuck in this restricting ensemble that impedes these athlete's skill, stamina and well, sheer grunt.

I know that this short article may infuriate many readers and fellow contributors but I believe that someone had to say it, i'm not saying change in completely because no one wants to see out favourite stars being pol-axed and see their careers crumble and future's destroyed.

As the great Prof. Cameria Topfaria once said "It's not the suit on the man, it's the man in the suit.

That is all, be kind

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