WWE's Divas Division Is in Its Strongest Position in Years

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 30, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Much maligned and often criticized, WWE's Divas division has undergone something of a revival in recent weeks.

For a few years now, a combination of minimal airtime and lackluster storylines have contributed to the division's failure. The WWE has to take its fair share of the blame for that, but so do the competitors, who haven't exactly captured the imagination of audiences.

But at the moment, there is the potential for the Divas division to explode into life, and we could get our first real glimpse of that at SummerSlam.

It's been a long time since the women's division has had more than one meaningful rivalry, but that's exactly where we find ourselves at the moment. It would be rude not to start with the champion, so let's first look at the difference AJ Lee's return to the WWE has made in the division.

It's safe to say she's probably the best female talent the WWE has, and she's slotted back in almost perfectly. She took the title from Paige in her first match since her return, and that was fantastic timing from the WWE. Paige had gone a bit stale without any real direction, but since that night she lost to Lee, she has executed a full-fledged heel turn.

We now have a rivalry that raises the stakes around the Divas title, and it has laid a solid platform for everyone else beneath them. Take Cameron and Naomi, for example. Sure, it may not be the most exciting feud you'll ever see in a WWE ring, but in terms of the Divas division, it's pretty decent.

The good thing is, it's not even the secondary feud in the division, because there is another rivalry going on that adds even more depth to the division. The WWE is so confident in the Brie Bella-Stephanie McMahon rivalry that the decision was made to let it close Raw this past week, and it paid dividends.

Bella and McMahon have a good chemistry, which has been brewing for a long time now. However, Bella was almost hamstrung by Daniel Bryan's rise to the top and the WWE's insistence to stick her alongside her husband. But with him on the sidelines due to injury, she has emerged from her shell and is playing a fantastic role.

The SummerSlam bout between the two certainly won't be a five-star match, but it will definitely be one worth keeping an eye on. With Stephanie around, there is always the potential for some sort of twist, and don't expect the match to finish cleanly.

The WWE has clearly upped the stakes with the Divas division, and it is starting to pay off. The question now is how long can they keep it going?