Wyatt Family Deserve One More Shot at the Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam

Tom BeasleyAnalyst IJuly 30, 2014

The Wyatt Family should top the WWE tag team division.
The Wyatt Family should top the WWE tag team division.Credit: WWE.com

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan should be the WWE Tag Team champions.

The imposing lieutenants of The Wyatt Family have spent the last few months embroiled in an enthralling feud with The Usos. First at Money in the Bank and then at Battleground, the two teams put on outstanding matches that gave energy to a tag team division that was beginning to feel very stale.

On both of those occasions, it was hugely surprising to see The Usos pick up the victory. It feels as if the Samoan brothers are nearing the end of this particular title reign, and The Wyatts seem to be their ideal successors.

The Wyatt Family have failed to pick up the WWE Tag Team Championships on two occasions.
The Wyatt Family have failed to pick up the WWE Tag Team Championships on two occasions.Credit: WWE.com

The two backwoods brawlers sat atop the tag team division in NXT and could be dominant on the main roster as well. Harper is arguably the most talented big man in the company right now, and Rowan has developed his previously underwhelming skills to become a reliable worker who's capable of astonishing strength.

The prospect of these two monsters presiding over the tag team division is a chilling and exciting prospect. Their latest opportunity should come at SummerSlam, and this time, they should come out on top.

Whilst The Usos have beaten almost everyone there is to beat in the tag team division, The Wyatts have consistently been their biggest foes. A win for Harper and Rowan would also create a brand-new set of feuds.

The most likely feud for The Usos going into SummerSlam appears to be with the newly formed team of Big E and Kofi Kingston. The two former Intercontinental champions have been showcasing heelish tendencies under the stewardship of Xavier Woods in recent weeks.

Big E and Kofi Kingston have found direction under Xavier Woods.
Big E and Kofi Kingston have found direction under Xavier Woods.Credit: WWE.com

Woods joined the commentary team for Tuesday night's episode of Main Event and made a number of cryptic comments. The implication, though, is clear. In the eyes of Woods, Big E and Kingston should be the next WWE Tag Team champions.

Despite the obvious talents of the two men and the intrigue surrounding the gimmick, it is too early for Big E and Kofi Kingston to get a shot at The Usos. A title reign for The Wyatt Family would allow that team to find an identity before challenging for the copper belts.

Goldust and Stardust have been cutting bizarre promos in recent weeks about a "cosmic key," which many assume to be the Tag Team titles. These odd segments have helped Cody Rhodes get over with his new gimmick, which would create an unfortunate dichotomy for fans in a potential title bout. Both The Usos and the Rhodes brothers are over babyface acts, meaning the crowd would not know whom to cheer for.

Against The Wyatts, though, Goldust and Stardust could have an excellent feud.

The tag team division on the main roster is also currently being haunted by the incoming spectre of The Ascension. Konnor and Viktor have been dominant during their title reign in NXT and look like a dead certainty for a call-up in the next few months.

Whilst they could feud with The Usos, pitting them against Harper and Rowan is a far more intriguing proposition.

For months, the WWE Universe has accepted The Wyatt Family as the most dangerous monsters in professional wrestling. When The Ascension arrive, that supremacy could be challenged. A long-running battle between two sets of beasts could carry the winter months for the Tag Team Championship picture.

The Ascension have been dominant champions on NXT.
The Ascension have been dominant champions on NXT.Credit: WWE.com

The rivalry between The Wyatts and The Usos deserves a title change, and SummerSlam is the right place for it to finally happen. With the bad blood between the two teams at its hottest, a stipulation match such as Tables, Ladders and Chairs could be a fantastic way to settle the feud.

All four men showed what they can do with weapons during the Last Man Standing match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena at Payback. With this in mind, the prospect of a brutal clash at SummerSlam with plenty of high spots practically oozes show-stealing potential.

The villainous Harper and Rowan as WWE Tag Team champions is definitely what's best for business.