I think we will be much more creative in attack with the new players that we got in the summer. Now we have a lot of players that are really strong in attacking moves, so I believe that we will be really strong. And I also hope that we will be strong enough to win some trophies.

But it will not be easy, it never is. We have a quality team—that is for sure. We already had it last season when we fought until the end for the title. And don’t forget, we were also in the Champions League semi-final. But as I said, I believe that we are even stronger now with these new players, so I hope the new season will be even better for us.

But we will have to be stronger until the end and you also need a lot of luck.

Without question, Chelsea will want silverware this year after failing to procure any in Mourinho's first season after returning to the club. And thus far, their ambition has been clear to all. 

Even without Modric, Chelsea are certainly one of the title favorites. For a club that was always solid defensively a season ago but at times lacked the final quality in the attack, the additions of Costa and Fabregas have really made them a scary, balanced side. 

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images
Fabregas and Costa are sure to link up with regularity this season.

Adding Modric into the fray would have made them borderline unstoppable. Somewhere in an alternate universe, the rest of the Premier League is hyperventilating with Modric donning a Chelsea kit.

Thankfully in this universe, Chelsea's ambitions didn't lead to that outcome. It would have been a very long season for the other 19 clubs had that happened. Of course, given the moves the team has made, it might be a very long season for the rest of the EPL anyway.