Most Dicked Over Fighter In UFC History: Moti Horenstein

The MMA Daily ScrapCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

Let’s face it, throughout the UFC’s 16 year history, plenty of fighters have been dicked over - bad calls by the ref, bad decisions by the judges, bad advice from their corner - the list goes on.

We could spend countless hours debating who really won Sanchez vs. Guida, or Bonnar vs. Griffin I…

But I don’t wanna talk about Diego Sanchez or Stephan Bonnar. I don’t wanna talk about Clay Guida or Forrest Griffin, or anyone, for that matter, with a recognizable name.

I wanna talk about Moti Horenstein. AKA: the Hebrew Hammer.

You guys remember this dude? For those of you who are new to MMA, let me give you the Cliffs Notes.

Moti Horenstein, master of Krav Maga, former Israeli commando and all around gentlemen, made his octagon debut back in July of 1996 at UFC 10, against another rookie, another hammer, in fact: NCAA wrestling standout Mark “The Hammer” Coleman.

This wasn’t good a match-up for Moti - neither on paper nor in three dimensions. Krav Maga, or “Survival,” as Horenstein called it, is effective for disarming Palestinian terrorists, not stopping double leg takedowns from drugged up freestyle wrestlers.

Horenstein got his ass kicked. I won’t go into the gory details. Let’s just say he would’ve done better with his full IDF arsenal, including knives, guns, and possibly a tank.

Moti was a good sport, though. He fought hard, took his beating like a man, plus he had a certain look - clean cut, handsome, articulate - that the sport was lacking, back then. Think GSP with more hair and a lot less skill.

Moti was invited back for UFC 14 in Birmingham, Alabama. Now, given what happened in his first fight, any matchmaker with a head (not to mention a heart) would’ve thrown him into the cage with a fellow striker. Maybe a ninja or a dance-fighter, whatever - anything other than a wrestler.

Who did the Hebrew Hammer draw? Mark Kerr.

Yes, you read right. Mark “The Smashing Machine” Kerr, who was basically just a bigger, meaner, more talented version of Mark Coleman. This was the worst case of a Jew being led to slaughter, since, well… Jesus!

Moti got punked!

Was Art Davie in cahoots with Yasser Arafat back then?

Needless to say, Moti got his ass kicked. Again. He never returned to the octagon. He did, however, earn the title of Most Dicked Over Fighter in UFC History.