Jadeveon Clowney Shows Freakish Speed, Spares RB at Training Camp

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 29, 2014


Remember Jadeveon Clowney’s motor? That wonky, infernal piece of hardware experts groused about for the last year? It's running real hot this summer.

The Houston Texans rookie gave onlookers at training camp a flash of the engines on Monday, materializing in the backfield to snuff out a running play before it began.

Twitter user @CaptainRonBRB (h/t Brandon Wenerd of BroBible) took video of the play. It’s difficult to overstate how thoroughly Clowney could’ve demolished Texans running back Dennis Johnson.

Clowney pulled up before the hit (as practice rules demand), stopping just short of Vincent Smith-like extermination.

It’s early in the going, but reports out of the Texans training camp indicate that Clowney looks dangerous.

Considering he’s still recovering from a sports-hernia operation, this is a scary revelation for the AFC South.

After suiting up for his first day of camp on Saturday, Clowney told Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle that he’s ready to get this season underway. 

“I feel good,” Clowney said. “Get everybody back out here, back learning [the] playbook. Just looking forward to getting back into and mixing. Looking forward to the season.”

Clowney says he isn’t operating at full strength yet.

“I don’t know the percentage but I know I ain’t 100 percent,” Clowney said.

If you're a Colts fan, call up Andrew Luck and tell him you love him. You never know when it’ll be your last chance.


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