5 Reasons 4-Star WR Christian Kirk Will Sign with Texas A&M

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJuly 29, 2014

5 Reasons 4-Star WR Christian Kirk Will Sign with Texas A&M

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    Christian Kirk is a talented 4-star receiver with a dynamic skill set. He can hurt a defense on the perimeter, in the slot and even as a running back.

    At 5'10" and 191 pounds, the Arizona native has excellent speed, quickness, elusiveness and instincts as a runner. He'll be a star on the collegiate level, which is why many schools are after him.

    Among the key suitors for Kirk is Texas A&M, according to 247Sports. Here's just a few reasons why the Aggies will land him.

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Kyler Murray

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    A 5-star quarterback, Kyler Murray is more than just a typical recruit in Texas A&M's class. He is the centerpiece of the group, and he's taken on a leadership role to recruit other prospects to join him in College Station.

    As a receiver, Kirk has to love the fact the Aggies have a 5-star passing prospect to join in the same class as him. He is also friends with Texas A&M commit and fellow 4-star receiver Damarkus Lodge, per Rob Cassidy of Rivals.com (subscription required)

    Murray told the following to Fletcher Whiteley of AggieYell.com (subscription required) on June 30:

    "Christian Kirk is a guy I've really been working on after Lodge committed to A&M. Christian and I are really good friends, but other than him, I've not been working on anybody else right now."

    Kirk added:

    "All those guys over there respect my decision, but they're all pulling for me to go there. They make that pretty clear."

SEC Membership

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    Texas A&M's move to the SEC has done nothing but work wonders for it on the recruiting trail. The Aggies are the only team in talent-rich Texas that can tell Lone Star State recruits they can stay in Texas and still compete in the SEC.

    Considered college football's most competitive and talented conference, the SEC is the big stage. Kirk would be able to face outstanding competition in the SEC at Texas A&M. 

Kevin Sumlin and Offensive Scheme

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    Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has established himself as one of the better coaches in the country. Sumlin has gone 20-6 in three seasons in College Station, per Sports-Reference.com, plus he can be considered a players' coach. 

    Sumlin runs a high-octane spread offense that is receiver-friendly, which bodes well for Kirk. With his talent and skill set, he'd undoubtedly put up some serious numbers in the Aggies' offensive system.

Kyle Allen

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    Texas A&M signed quarterback Kyle Allen in 2014, and he'll be thick in the mix to win the starting job. Allen will be focused on his on-field performance, but he is playing a key role in Kirk's recruitment.

    Like the 4-star receiver, Allen is from the Scottsdale area in Arizona. More importantly, he is close with Kirk, says Rob Cassidy of Rivals.com (subscription required).

    Not only is Allen a fellow Arizona native who Kirk can lean on for advice, but he's also an elite quarterback prospect who is a buddy to Kirk. 

Family Impression

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    Texas A&M has made a great impression on not only Kirk, but also his family. The Aggies coaching staff has made an impressive presentation that stresses football, academics and growth as a person.

    Kirk's father told the following to Courtney Roland of AggieYell.com (subscription required) on April 17:

    They impressed my wife Melissa and I with the school and the coaches...A&M was really impressive to us. We really walked away thoroughly impressed with what they have to offer. Just like I was telling Coach Spavital, not to discredit the football, but mainly for me on the academic aspect of it and the continued development of a young man. The programs they have in place are kind of right in line with the way we raised Christian. Those core values are there...Christian would like to go back.

     It sounds like Texas A&M has done a masterful job of making waves with Kirk and those around him. 

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.