New York City FC's #AskLamps Predictably Invites the Wrong Questions on Twitter

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterJuly 28, 2014

**COMMERCIAL IMAGE** In this photo distributed by Feature Photo Service for New York City Football Club: New York City Football Club's newest signing Frank Lampard after his first training session with young children from the Play Study Win program at Brooklyn Bridge Park,  July 24, 2014. (Adolfo Lee/Feature Photo Service for New York City Football Club)
ADOLFO LEE/Associated Press

It didn't crash quite as religiously as Manchester City's #AskJesus Twitter campaign did, but sister club New York City FC's #AskLamps predictably didn't quite go as hoped. 

New signing Frank Lampard took over NYCFC's Twitter account, and the longtime Chelsea stalwart's nickname, "Lamps," was naturally the source of humour.

Frank Lampard is taking over @NYCFC right now for a quick Twitter Q&A. Ask anything you want with #AskLamps. Go.

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) July 28, 2014

Did you prefer yourself when you were oil or now when you're electrical? #AskLamps

— Jack (@Jacinhoooo) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps do you get turned on when people clap?

— Alex (@ARoss_Zamora) July 28, 2014

Do you take prefer 65W incandescent or 15W energy saving? #AskLamps

— Daniel J Bentley (@DJBentley) July 28, 2014

Incandescent or LED bulbs? #AskLamps

— Liars Never Win (@liars_never_win) July 28, 2014

Why do I always get the fan speed and light chains confused? #AskLamps

— Patriot-IronDome (@Patriot_Musket) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps What's your problem with the 'i' in Pixar?

— TIME STOOD STILL (@TheMetalWhovian) July 28, 2014

@NYCFC #AskLamps do you come in all different shapes and sizes?

— Shaun (@Shaun_C_sXe) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Generally speaking, do you prefer being unplugged at night, or just switched off and left?

— Jay (@MrJayMobbs) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps Do you feel pain when we have to change a bulb?

— Graham (@_GrahamPatrick) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps do you prefer a screw or bayonet connection as an interface with bulbs. I know John Terry likes as good screw.

— wayne godfrey (@Hornet7127) July 28, 2014

#AskLamps How are you adapting to American sockets? Can you cope with going from 3 prongs to 2?

— Fook Yu (@WhingerSpice) July 28, 2014

.@NYCFC How do you respond to accusations that you're a 'shady' character? #AskLamps

— Isaac (@isaacccccccccc) July 28, 2014 

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