Michael Jordan Says He's 'Cool' with LeBron James Wearing No. 23

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 28, 2014

AP Images

Go ahead and try to be like Mike. He doesn’t care. 

This was the general message Michael Jordan relayed to ESPN on Monday morning. The Chicago Bulls legend told the network that he “doesn’t own” the number 23 and doesn’t mind LeBron James wearing it in his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jordan’s indifference clashes mightily with the opinion James once held on the matter. 

In 2009, the Cavaliers forward told ESPN that no one should be able to wear His Airness’ holy No. 23 jersey.

“I feel like no NBA player should wear 23,” James said. “I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it. Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.” 

James’ conviction on the matter appears to have dissolved. On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar confirmed over social media that he would return to the No. 23 this fall.

Celebrate, ye Cleveland faithful who did not burn your original LeBron/Cavaliers jersey! You saved yourself an ice-cold $100 by keeping your Zippos at bay.

But honestly, you should probably still burn that old jersey. They were ugly to begin with, and now they smell like mothballs.


Fun times in Cleveland again!