Redskins' Fred Davis: Late for Practice is a Headline?

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Redskins' Fred Davis: Late for Practice is a Headline?

It is a sad day when sports news is: a player overslept.  What is more human? This has happened to almost all of us?  We set that alarm for 5:00 and forget to check if it was AM or PM.  I am not saying that this is what happened but, after reading the comments by Redskins coach Jim Zorn, it seems likely to be the case.

Zorn said, of second-round draft pick Fred Davis, “Everybody was scouring.  Nobody heard from him, so there was one of two scenarios: either there was some real trouble and we needed to find him, or he screwed up. I haven’t even got to talk to him yet. I know he has been found. I believe it is more in the ‘I screwed up’ category.”

When does this become worthy of news? 

I guess when someone like me reads the column and decides to comment upon it.  Seriously folks get a life!  Let the Redskins and the other 31 NFL teams run their organizations without the media trying to see if their star players have hangnails, hangovers, or hang out at a strip club. 

Boys will be boys and boys with millions of dollars will be really dumb boys. 

This is a case of no real news, like Zorn promises the revamped Redskins offense will make the Patriots of last year look like they were standing still.  I hope that tomorrow I don't open a webpage and find something insane and entirely unimportant like Pacman Jones actually plays Pacman in his spare time.

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