Oakland Raiders Madden 2010 Ratings Out

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

After hearing that the Madden franchise would make the ratings more realistic this year I knew what was coming. By the way we all know that the picture shown above is not the actual cover of the game, just another version of the cover.

I'm not a gamer, I just play Madden football, I love it.

I was surprised at the ratings I saw on our guys. I mean, they're young, some have contributed and showed tons of promise, yet they gets no love.

Here's the ratings:


QBJ. Garcia75
QBJ. Russell72
QBA. Walter57
RBJ. Fargas79
RBD. McFadden79
RBM. Bush75
FBL. Neal91
FBO. O’Neal74
WRD. Heyward-Bey76
WRL. Murphy71
WRJ. Walker71
WRJ. Lee Higgins69
WRC. Schilens64
WRA. Shields50
TEZ. Miller86
TET. Stewart69
OLS. Satele82
OLC. Carlisle81
OLJ. Wade81
OLK. Barnes80
OLR. Gallery79
OLC. Green74
OLM. Henderson74
OLP. McQuistan72
OLM. Johnson67
OLC. Morris61
DLD. Burgess87
DLT. Kelley80
DLJ. Richardson69
DLG. Warren68
DLM. Shaughnessy67
DLW. Joseph66
DLT. Sands64
DLT. Scott64
DLR. Boschetti59
DLG. Gunheim57
LBK. Morrison87
LBT. Howard85
LBR. Brown65
LBS. Williams58
LBT. Ekejiuba48
LBJ. Alston45
CBN. Asomugha99
CBC. Johnson80
CBS. Routt72
CBJ. Miller57
CBD. Brown47
CBJ. Bowie39
SH. Eugene71
SM. Huff71
SM. Mitchell68
ST. Branch61
KS. Janikowski73
PS. Lechler98


JaMarcus Russell a 72? Ouch. I understand he's had some accuracy issues but this is harsh.

DHB was given some love at 76. That's considering Jeremy Maclin got a 78, Michael Crabtree got a 78 and Kenny Britt got a 76 also.

JLH at 69? C'mon! He had little playing time yet shined when he played. What about his return skills? He got no love. Speaking of no love, Chaz Schilens at 64 is just horrible. I guess we can expect that since he wasn't known to others last year and he was hurt often.

Somehow, Cooper Carlisle, Khalif Barnes and John Wade are better then Robert Gallery. Go figure. How's about seeing that Mario Henderson and Cornell Green are 'equally' talented with their 74 rating? Horrible.

I have to keep in mind that they're using last years stats/information to come up with this stuff but man, it's tough. Trevor Scott a 64? Five sacks as a rookie should get him some kind of love.

They just restated what we all know about John Bowie, 39 rating, he isn't too good.

As for our safeties, none of them have produced so I understand why they got their ratings. Mike Mitchell will definately fix that during the year.

Ah well, good thing for roster updates throughout the season, if the team wins and performs that will show in the ratings.

Damn, not only does that media hate the Raiders but now that hate has slowly reached EA Sports over in Redwood City, Ca. We have to keep in mind, they're all 49er fans on the Peninsula.

All kidding aside, even though the Raiders were screwed some in the ratings, I love what EA did. They really made huge gaps in ratings between superstar players and pedestrian players. A dominant player at his position shoud be just that, dominant.

How do you feel about the ratings we got?

Here's a link if you want to know another teams/players ratings Madden Team/Player Ratings .