5 Bold Predictions for Ciro Immobile's Debut Season with Borussia Dortmund

Stefan Bienkowski@@SbienkowskiFeatured ColumnistJuly 28, 2014

5 Bold Predictions for Ciro Immobile's Debut Season with Borussia Dortmund

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    Antonio Calanni/Associated Press

    There's always a sudden burst of excitement whenever a club makes a major summer signing in the transfer window. And Borussia Dortmund's move for Ciro Immobile is no exception to this golden rule.

    The Italian forward had fans all over European football's top divisions last year, many of whom will undoubtedly begrudge Jurgen Klopp's team swooping in and signing this 24-year-old talent before others could act. 

    But what potential does this former Serie A goalscorer possess? What luck and fortune could he bring the Bundesliga's second side for this coming campaign?

    Here are five bold predictions that we could see happen in this season's Bundesliga. 

He Can Finish as Dortmund's Top Goalscorer

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    Antonio Calanni/Associated Press

    Robert Lewandowski finished the last campaign as Dortmund's top goalscorer in the Bundesliga with 20 goals. 

    Despite new forward signings Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan both playing extensive roles during the season, it was Marco Reus who finished closest to the Polish striker, registering 16 league goals, per WhoScored.com.

    Although Dortmund have no shortage of strikers—especially with the arrival of Adrian Ramos from Hertha Berlin—they will have a new leading goalscorer come May next year. 

    Although Aubameyang had an impressive record in Ligue 1 and Ramos has proven himself in front of goal in Germany for a number for years, it will be Immobile who finishes above all others. 

    With 22 league goals in 33 games in Serie A last season, Immobile has moved to Dortmund for one reason and one reason only: to score plenty of goals. And if given the correct support and service at the Westfalenstadion this season, that's exactly what he will do. 

He Can Embrace the Champions League

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    Martin Meissner/Associated Press

    Dortmund's new striker has only ever played one game in the Champions League, a 2-0 defeat to Bordeaux back in 2009, while he was still a bit part player at Juventus. Twenty-three minutes was all the young Italian striker was afforded that night, and he hasn't been back ever since. 

    What this coming season offers Immobile is a fresh new start in the greatest competition that domestic football has to offer. And he'll undoubtedly waste little time wondering what could have been in past seasons in Italy. 

    With all the skill and intelligence to perform at such a level, we should see the forward truly embrace the Champions League, as Dortmund push into the competition in the hope of seeking reconciliation for last year's elimination to Real Madrid

He Can Make Dortmund Forget About Robert Lewandowski

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    Markus Schreiber/Associated Press

    Goals may be one thing, but becoming a pillar upon which your team can rely is something else entirely. 

    Immobile may come to overtake Lewandowski's goal record at Dortmund in time, but what he will undoubtedly truly crave is the adoration of fans and his manager. 

    What the Italian striker can now become is that forward that his Polish predecessor was before making the move to Bayern Munich: a fan favourite. 

    He will make the famous yellow wall love him and forget all about past heroes who left for pastures new at rival clubs. 

He Can Be Bayern Munich's Worst Nightmare

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    Gero Breloer/Associated Press

    In a league as well contested as the Bundesliga, the opportunity to take points off rivals when two teams come up against one another is vital to any prolonged success. 

    Dortmund may be able to beat most of the sides that reside below them in the league table each season, but until they can overcome Bayern in a one-off match, they may always be destined to finish the campaign below them. 

    This is where Immobile steps in. 

    The Italian international is a prolific goalscorer, and he's good at scoring and creating goals when it really counts. Against the six sides that finished above Torino last season and AC Milan just below them, Immobile scored four goals and created one in nine games.

    Immobile is a big-game player who could prove vital during Dortmund's duels against the reigning Bundesliga champions. 

He Can Help Jurgen Klopp Reclaim the Bundesliga Title

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    Matthias Schrader/Associated Press

    For Jurgen Klopp, the most important task at hand this season will be the title race with Bayern. 

    We've already spoken about the possibility of Immobile becoming Dortmund's top goalscorer, the chances of him embracing the Champions League and his record as a big game player, so it would only seem logical that we now consider the chances of him winning a Bundesliga title. 

    Dortmund have invested heavily and wisely this pre-season, and along with Klopp's continued ability to get the best out of his players, Immobile could find himself riding the crest of an unstoppable black and yellow wave. 

    Dortmund could quite feasibly win this coming Bundesliga title, with their new Italian striker leading the way.