TNA's 'Impact Wrestling' Will Reportedly Not Be Renewed by Spike TV

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TNA's 'Impact Wrestling' Will Reportedly Not Be Renewed by Spike TV
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The future of TNA's Impact Wrestling is suddenly very murky. According to TMZ, Spike TV will not be renewing the popular wrestling show's contract in October. 

We are still just in the rumor stages of this development, but's Mike Killam also cited sources relaying the same information. Per Killam, Impact Wrestling will be canceled if it doesn't get picked up by a new network "in a very short amount of time."

This is potentially devastating news for TNA president Dixie Carter. 

TNA gets a lot of flak for being a level below WWE, its rival promotion, but this is a potential fate no one should have to endure. Many fans were quick to express their sadness over the news: 

It will be intriguing to see what happens next. There is no shortage of talent in TNA. The writing and storyline development may not be on par with WWE, but there is a slew of wrestlers with impressive athleticism and tremendous in-ring ability thriving throughout the company. 

Some may be able to latch on with Vince McMahon, Triple H and WWE if the future is indeed as dire as it sounds, but others won't be nearly as lucky. Hard-working people will be out of jobs. 

Nevertheless, it's a little too early to start predicting the future. If Spike does drop TNA, you can bet Carter is already searching furiously for a new partner. It won't be easy, but TNA has had solid ratings this year

This news, while disappointing, doesn't mean certain death quite yet. But the next few months are going to be extremely crucial in determining the company's fate. 

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