2 Fans Rush the Pitch to Take a Selfie with Mario Balotelli

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterJuly 27, 2014


Mario Balotelli's AC Milan were completely thrashed by Manchester City 5-1 in a friendly on Sunday. 

But at least it wasn't a total loss for the mercurial Italian talent. 

Despite Milan's woeful performance in Pittsburgh, Balotelli is still popular enough that two fans rushed the pitch to take a selfie with him in the waning moments of the match:  

And what's a selfie like that if you don't take to Twitter to show it off?

#milan#selfie#Balotelli#me#ManCityVsMilan pic.twitter.com/17fQ1OJ1ob

— NAWAF (@NA_B27) July 27, 2014

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