New York Mets: "We Stink"

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIJuly 8, 2009

Right now, it seems that the New York Mets don't know how to win, and that is very much true.  They have lost eight out of their last ten and show no signs of winning anytime soon.  The Mets have been shutout in back to back games for the first time since 2005.

The Mets aren't pitching, hitting or fielding.  That is their formula for losing, and it is the formula for pretty much all baseball teams that lose a game. 

The thing is, this is happening pretty much every single day for the Mets, and when they hit, they pitch even more dreadful and vice versa. To me, the Mets play is disgusting and I don't know how I still watch their games until they're down by five or more runs. 

Maybe it's because of Gary, Keith, and Ron or it's just that I'm in a such shock that I can't even reach for the remote to shut the TV off, or it might be when the Mets came back from five runs down to defeat the Pirates in one of their two wins in their last ten games. 

Whatever it is, each and every time I know that there is a very slim margin for the Mets to come back.

If the Mets didn't come back against the Pirates in their makeup game last week then I would have most likely turned it off after they were down by two runs.  Like Jerry Manuel said, "One run seems like three runs."

That is so true.  It's true because the Mets have no offense to get the runs back.  They don't have that big power bat in the middle of the lineup that can tie up the game with one stroke of the bat.  The Mets don't have many luxury's on their team as of now, and it's starting to show.

The Mets have been "surviving" and staying at .500—until last week.  It was only a matter of time that all of the team's injuries caught up to them.  Every team has injuries, but very few have three fourths of their core taken out of the lineup for more than a month each.

It seemed that the Mets were going to get their big players back but that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.  The Mets' spark plug, Jose Reyes, seemed to be making progress until he needed a cortisone shot and that pushed him back.  Carlos Beltran won't be back until after the All Star Break and Carlos Delgado will be lucky to be back sometime in August.

The "last man standing" is David Wright.  Wright has been having a very weird season.  His average is among the league's best but he is striking out way too many times and his power numbers have plunged. 

Wright has chosen the wrong season to not hit home runs, because his team deeply needs them.  The Mets have very little home runs this year and Gary Sheffield is their team leader with 10 homers.

I feel bad for David because he is getting so much pressure put on him due to his supporting cast all on the disabled list.  The thing is that David can't have the mindset that he has to do everything for the team to succeed. 

I believe that he is currently in that mindset and that he has to get out of it as fast as possible.  It would explain his recent slump, and it seems now that when Wright doesn't hit the team doesn't win. 

Each and every player has to worry about themselves and try to do as much as they can to help their team.  I don't care if it's David Wright or Argenis Reyes, everyone can do something to help the team get back to it's winning ways.

If I was the Mets' manager I would tell them some harsh stuff and it would go something like this, "You guys (Mets) have to get your heads out of your asses and start playing the game that all of you grew up playing for fun.  Go out there and have fun, you're all treating it as if you have the worst job, if this is even a job.  You all have it made, you're playing your favorite sport and getting paid to do it.  Let's take it one game at a time and have fun, don't worry about the reinforcements and when they are coming.  Go out there and play!  We are pretty much at rock bottom and we can go nowhere but up, because right now we stink!"

I hope that Jerry is saying something along those lines to his team before tonight's game.  The team is in a lull and someone needs to wake them up, fast.