Have We Seen The Last Of Bass In a Dallas Uniform

ani uContributor IJanuary 15, 2017

Bass's agent Tony Dutt has said today the top three likely destinations for Bass, and it's Portland, Orlando, and Detroit. Dutt also said they don't expect him to sign for the teams full mid-level.

Bass, 6'8 power forward, averaged 8.5 points and 4.5 rebounds a game for Dallas. He is very strong for his size weighing 250 pounds, so he will battle in the paint with taller defenders. Bass also shows a great mid-range jumper that defenses have to respect, but if they guard him too close, he'll drive and dunk on them.

It will be sad to see Bass go, because of the excitement he brought Mavericks fans. But the only team i see Bass starting for is Orlando, because they have a glaring hole at power forward, and would play great beside Dwight Howard in the post. In Detroit he would battle for playing time against Maxiell, and Portland he would back up Aldridge, plus they are already solid with bigs anyway.

I still have a feeling though that Dallas is still in it. Dallas is going to offer about the same amount as the other teams are. The only way Bass leaves is if he is promised a starting role for a team. There would be no point leaving his back up role in Dallas to go to another team to be benched for the same amount of money he would of gotten here