What Does Felipe Melo Mean For Juventus?

Matthew CoccolutoContributor IJuly 8, 2009

TURIN, ITALY -  JANUARY 24:   Cristiano Zanetti of Juventus and Felipe Melo of Fiorentina in action during the Serie A match between Juventus and Fiorentina at the Olimpico Stadio on January 24, 2009 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by New Press/Getty Images)

In the next few days Felipe Melo is expected to leave Florence and head north to Torino, bolstering the Juventus squad and making him hated amongst the Viola faithful.

I had not heard much of Felipe Melo prior to last year. As I attended several Fiorentina games, I went in looking forward to see Gilardino and Mutu play. At each game I attended, it was Melo who grabbed my attention. He seemed to be all over the midfield, sometimes a little crazy but still very effective.

As good as Melo is Juve should be looking forward to making a great team. Simply buying the best players doesn't always make the best team.

The major gap in the Juventus squad is outside defence. Gigli and Secco should be prioritizing the spending of money and work on finishing a deal to sign an outside back before looking to increasing the depth of the midfield.

This depth will bring about one problem. Ferrara has to decide who to play in the midfield. He has to choose between Sissoko, Diego, Melo, Marchisio, Giovinco, and Camoranesi because all of them cannot play at the same time.

Sissoko has proven to be a solid defensive midfield. Since Diego and Melo (assuming the deal goes through) are their big summer signings, they have to play or else why spend the money. Giovinco needs to play to put it plainly.

I personally like Marchisio and see him as a future face of the team and Camoranesi has always been reliable but he is getting up there in age. There are going to be some serious decisions, but hopefully Ferrara can handle it.

However Felipe Melo is a talented player and unlike years before this is Juve doing some smart spending. With all this depth, there is room for trying out different combinations. It is never a bad thing to have quality subs coming off the bench. The Juventus management may have actually done something smart.

Juve fans should be pleased with Secco and Gigli actually making moves and not wasting time on players that others show no interest in. This year unlike the past, when Secco promised big signings he went out and grabbed two very gifted players. Maybe he actually learned from the Tiago and Poulsen signings.

Let's not get carried away and forgive Secco and Gigli for the last two years of money spending, but even I have to give it to them. This summer they seem to be using their brains.

Everyone knows that to be competitive in Champions League and domestic league, depth is crucial, especially in the midfield. The Juventus midfield is deep. Add in outside defenders and Juventus looks good.

If the deal goes through, Juventus can actually bring the glory back to Torino and be a threat for both the Scudetto and Champions League.


What do you think? What should be the Juventus starting 11?